Thank God for SnapChat


Why have so many teenagers and other age groups dropped Facebook? Many FB users have been burned by posting something innocently or not so innocently and have it wreck their social life or even get them fired from their job. 

Countless school teachers have lost their teaching positions for disregarding the professional distance they should  have kept with their students. One 24 year old well built male football coach was caught digitally stimulating a cheerleader underneath the bleachers at their high school in Houston, Texas. A student recorded her screams of ecstasy and posted it on FB leading to the popular coaches termination.

Had this erotic episode been posted on snapchat where user controls how long it remains available, the coach would probably still have his job and getting away with getting teen age girls off.

Kelli Krafsky wrote an excellent book detailing how fb can potentially turn your marriage upside down. Hopefully she would not espouse snapchat as an alternative which would actually encourage infidelity, cheating, and marital discord.

After reading the following account of service snapchat provides, you will certainly see why it is so popular!

If your kids aren’t on Facebook, where are they? Try Snapchat. There’s no need to burn after reading: This app’s files self-destruct leaving absolutely no proof any communication took place. The service is designed for savvy teenagers who don’t want to leave an Internet footprint. Released in September 2011, users can send “Snaps” — photos or videos — that last between 1 and 10 seconds, depending on the limit set by the sender. It already has 100 million users and 350 million snaps sent daily, according to a spokeswoman for the app. Twenty-six percent of 18- to 29-year-olds with cellphones use Snapchat, according to Pew Research Center, compared with 5% of 30- to 49-year-olds and 3% of 50- to 64-year-olds. Parents might want to monitor and check in on their kids’ social media activity from time to time, says Kelli Krafsky, coauthor of the book “Facebook and Your Marriage,” but “Snapchat is impossible to check.”


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  1. If Jen Selter decided to go for a big payday by having butt love with a black rapper or NBA athlete, would SnapChat be the best way to promote it and cash out in case it was a flop since it would all vaporize and she could continue to show off her ass to NYC? I am guessing those kind of red hot pics and videos would survive even the invisibility of SnapChat. There is high demand for that kind of hook up.

    And Jen I don’t blame you for upping the wet dream count of every adolescent boy in the world, but please enough about you doing as a fitness inspiration for all. Your reasons are plain and simple. Its pure sex and advertising bucks that motivate you to create perfectly sculpted buttocks. I wonder if after being dressed in those skin tight outfits all day, you get off naturally with a guy or just release at your own hands alone in your apartment?

    1. Tovonna Teamer was a freshman at Wiregrass Ranch High School in Wesley Chapel in Florida. She was an attractive 15 year old black girl who had straightened her curly hair to assimilate into the values of beauty established by white culture. She shot herself in the head after she had been secretly videoed in the nude while taking a shower. She committed suicide because the bully punks who videoed her in the nude without her permission posted it on snapchat and she was ridiculed and made fun of by her peers. RIP Tovonna, the little bitches who did this will be punished and will have miserable lifes for how they treated you!

      1. heather applewhite gave so much and asked for so little. Virginia lost a remarkable young woman RIP. Loved by many Anna Beaufort, Washington, District of Columbia

      2. The Horace Maynard middle school student who was bullied for his nose needs to bloody the nose of the guys who picked on him. Smack the bully on his nose and will go pick another crybaby who won’t fight back!

    2. Kirko Bangz got his start in Hobbs,NM as a rapper and was just another punk trying to get recognized. The bitch was back in town disrespecting some of the homies who are just as talented as Kirko Bangz. That boy will sink if he does not support his roots! I won’t attend his concerts for that reason alone.

      1. Nolan Dalla attacks the genre of rap music just as though he believes the world is full of people who value his opinion. The 60 year over the hill blogger is self important with no discernible talent in any field other than being quite above the norm in blowing a lot of hot air!! Dalla excoriates the music preferences of all humans 25 or younger. What an arrogant PRICK!!!

  2. Understand the profound impact of snapchat on diminishing the sexual morality for 13 year olds with tight round ass. Anal is as normal and expected on a date these days as french kissing was 30 years ago. Hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and rectal infections are much more common in younger women because of the anything goes on the first date mind set. Thanks a LOT snapchat for being socially and ethically negligent!!

    Peter Rubin and kinky sex columnist Dan Savage point out the female physiology which allows certain women to have squirting g spot orgasms in a fashion similar to males without the burdensome cost of pregnancy. Savage hypothesizes strong correlation between round shapely buttocks and the desire for white women to have rough butt love with black men.

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