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Actress Nicole Kidman at least appears to be getting over the shock that the left lost the election when she declares “He’s(She could not even make herself utter Donald Trumpnow elected and we, as a country, need to support blah blah blah.

The former wife of Tom Cruise seems to get that out of touch, divorced 5 times, rich Hollywood types had zero to minimal influence in Presidential election.  Their candidate blew it again bragging that she was ahead in the polls, just like she did when Obama defeated her arrogance and complacency in Democratic primaries and convention.

Hillary did not even set foot in New Mexico, but claimed their paltry five electoral votes. She tried the same thing in Wisconsin and embarrassed the democratic party by not carrying that state for the first time in many years.

A guy I knew over a decade ago named John Grogan, who I believe resided in Roswell, still suffers from the illusion that the democrats are the annointed ones. He, like many people much younger than him, were spoiled by 8 years of Obama’s feed the lazy policies and critical inattention to foreign affairs that have gotten us into this mess with the baby face leader of North Korea.

John, you should probably move out of Roswell, if you  live there. I read there were more than twice as many Trump supporters as Clinton supporters living there. Remember, the RDR is online and your impractical and unfavored political views in your frequent letters to the editor can be viewed worldwide. There are boundless places in California where you would be well received and be much happier.  God, I know when I was stationed there that I had to be careful about not presenting myself as a Trump supporter. I got some really dirty looks in Redding, CA by just reading Art of the Deal at an In and Out Burger joint. This certainly is not a threat, but only well-intentioned advice. Take it easy.


Actress Won't use Trumps first Name


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