The Divisiveness of Annexation


After the non smoking population of Roswell NM just got shafted by 6-5 vote which allows smoking, the citizenry face yet another controversial issue. The RDR cartoonist portrays annexation as a giant octopus approaching and preparing to engulf some farm property. One of the captions, originating from the invertebrate’s brain, comforts property owners gurgling they can keep their cattle and livestock while one of its tentacles rapaciously seeks out a Roswell population exceeding 50,000.

It is certainly no secret that if Alien City population surpasses the 50,000 mark, then the city will benefit from a surge in federal funding. The age old question associated with annexation is whether the annexed areas will benefit with improved ambulance, fire, sewer, etc services. Most of the Cowboys we know already have their own septic tank and adamantly oppose the raise in taxes concomitant to annexation.

The whole issue divides easily between those areas being annexed and those who want our population to bump over 50,000. Its quite clear that the latter group enjoys the majority status. I don’t know the forces in play about pushing it through meaning is it subject to popular vote or is it something our reckless somewhat apathetic city council must approve?

As is much appreciated, Keith Bell’s healthy skepticism with respect to the intentions of disingenuous politicians should not be disregarded. Oh sorry, disingenuous is superfluous when conjoined with the word politician!


Annexation Leviathan in Roswell,NM
Annexation Leviathan in Roswell,NM



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  1. Beth Hahn of the Mountain View Telegraph wrote informative article about annexation endeavors in Edgewood detailing what it might cost to operate and provide services to 2,000 extra residents.

    Of critical importance for Roswell is estimating the cost of providing services such as garbage collection, road maintenance and police protection for the annexed areas. Mayor Robert Stearley was overseeing all this back in 2006 I believe for Edgewood and would be a valuable vault of information for us.

    Roswell city council should also consider consulting with zoning administrator Karen Mahalick to present some ideas of what our boundaries could look like under various annexation plans.

    Former Edgewood city attorney David Henderson would also be an excellent consultant regarding the legal subtleties.

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