The Ethics of Lending Money to Poor People


The blast from the past back in 2003 shows that poor people never take into account that they are seen as risky borrowers(borrowers that are more likely to default on their loans). Many low income people equate predatory lending with higher interest rates on the amount they borrow. However, this is just Banking 101. Low income citizens are clearly more likely to not be timely with their monthly payments are simply quit paying. It sucks being poor. You are not entitled to a bank giving you a loan just because you screwed off in High School and are having rough time finding decent paying job. They have the right to assess  risk in their lending practices!

Ask Cristie Drumm former spokeswoman for Wells Fargo in Houston, TX:

Approximately 100 members of the Association of Community Organizations for
Reform Now, or ACORN, entered the Wells Fargo building on Louisiana
Street and  aggressively charged the bank of predatory lending practices.
ACORN has filed complaints with 12 state regulators to call for
investigations into Wells Fargo’s lending system, which members say
preys on low-income borrowers by charging them higher interest rates. Many of these demonstrations were held across the USA.


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  1. Cristie did excellent job of fending off criticisms of deposit advance loans as being as unethical as payday loans in a Denver Post piece by financial guru David Migoya. She is a survivor in the spokesman niche for a reason!!

  2. I knew Carrie Hardy in Monahans Texas. She liked to stir things up on Twitter quite a bit. It raised my awareness of ones duty to be fair and responsible when posting on social media. Ironically, an actress with the same name did movie titled Identity Theft.

    I think she was around 30 years old then and craved attention more than middle school students. I believe she moved to roswell nm and has been at it again posting on FB about food shortages at El Capitan elementary school. I don’t think she pays property taxes.

    Carrie Lynn Mcdowell, Carrie Lynn Hardy, Carrie Rich Dumas, TX, Borger, TX, Leander, TX, Ozona, TX

    1. Modesta Orona said her manager at RISD kitchen made her life a LIVING HELL. She refused to offer alternative lunches to poor kids paying for it out of her own pocket and became a target in a hostile workplace. Orona identitifies Lyman Graham as the source of the hostility.

      George A. Lee, former elementary teacher, stated most of the food served in school cafeterias was dumped into swill buckets and sold to pig farmers. Little cottage industry at kids nutritional expense.

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