The Pope Sides with USA President


The Pope effectively sided with the President of the United States and his, widely perceived, harsh immigration laws.

Pope said that Mexico should be a place where its citizens feel no desire to emigrate in order to survive or pursue their ambitions , without being exploited in the workplace. Indeed, destitution  and poverty are the plight of many Mexicans who often risk their lives to cross the border. Mexican nationals are more than willing to take these potentially life ending chances with their families because of the existence of many sanctuary cities in the US like the one in New Mexico named Santa Fe

Pope Francis references the dealers of death without directly calling them the drug cartels. He stated  the Good Lord will hold accountable the slave owners of our days. The flow of capital can’t determine the fate and happiness of the masses.







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  1. A much lesser spiritual light named Gregg Jarrett declared the law completely supports Trump’s immigration ban. Admittedly, Jarrett is so far RIGHT his left shoulder is arthritic, but the rule of law is clear on what should be done about our leaky open borders.

    1. Martha Aarons Aspen Colorado proves she should remain a denizen of her hopelessly liberal bastion. Martha erroneously associates enforcing immigration laws with racism. I am guessing undocumented workers work for her or she had killer sex with her illegally employed gardner. Carbondale residents don’t have these same irrational brain farts.

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