The real reason Northern NM afraid of Trump


National media just released footage on CNN of violent protesting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Angry assemblies of Trump haters were shown throwing rocks at the well disciplined police officers of the APD who were trying to contain the unsettling riotous behavior.  The uninformed and clueless democratic strategist Dave Jacobson called all this fresh evidence that Trump was directly responsible.

Jacobson is little more than a programmed marginally intelligent representative of the Clinton camp who is paid to quash any view Trump advances. Trump has a massive backing for a reason. He will cut off social programs and government assistance to the lowlifes who abuse the system and live off honest hard-working taxpayers. Many young people today actually believe the role of the government is to take care of them if they don’t feel like working. Do you think they want to see Trump in the White House? HELL NO!

So three guesses  as to the demographics of the Albuquerque punks who were yelling obscenities and throwing rocks at RPD officers? Yup, the same scofflaws who will lose their EBT card when Trump is elected. How is that for some strategy Mr Jacobson? These worthless bums are voting pocketbook and are scared out of their minds that the entitlement gravy train is  coming to a screeching halt mucho pronto!


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  1. Jeff Tucker ignores the number of times democrats have vandalized Republican property in Roswell NM. He prints the lame half true story that Sergio S. Gonzalez filed a false police report about an incident near Democratic Party headquarters at 1701 southeast Main. I know him and he likely provoked incident where he claims trump fan tried to run over him. Sergio is a politician and is expected to lie when his lips move, but I expect more of RPD officer Alonso Barrientos who was complicit in fabricating incident report.

    1. Jeff Tucker is also in trouble for his criticism of GOP priest John Reilly of Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church. Reilly, practicing his freedom of speech, opined that Hillary Rodham Clinton would be a disruptive agent towards Catholic Church. Marco Martinez was first to notice the biased reporting of Tucker and shared his views with RDR.

      1. Pseudo intellectual and marijuana addict Craig Abalos was crying like a baby girl in his letter to editor that the American voters are seeing the liberating light of our political savior Donald Trump. He and John Ford are coffee buddies at Star Bucks

        1. Do you believe in promises Craig? Donald Trump made a campaign promise to prosecute Hillary after he won the election. That day has come. Donald kicked her ass!!

          1. Jennifer Quinones resident of Garland Texas appears to be wetback who is afraid she will be deported back to Mexico. She was walking around with a dump trump sign afraid of losing her EBT card and other entitlements liberals have giving away to lazy people the last 8 years.

            1. Isolda Matamoros wrote a hot check or committed the crime of Theft by check. She was once detained as an illegal immigrant. She was thrown in jail for her crime of stealing money by bouncing a check.

              This illlegal alien said he son was suicidally traumatized because his stealing mother spent time in jail. Send her back to whatever third world Central American country she came from!!

            1. Point taken Craig, but politicians time immemorial have made campaign promises they have failed to keep. Trump carried Roswell by more than 2-1, but I believe many of his supporters are starting to realize they made a mistake.

        2. Who is that completely lost progressive liberal dude who favors legalization of marijuana, supports golden globe rants against our president elect, hates the Bush family, overlooks all the crimes committed by Hillary, criticizes the sensible analysis of the Kral couple in Roswell NM?

          I can’t think of his name. Senior moment I guess. Even though I am conservative, I do respect his writing style and would like to have a cup of coffee when we retire there. Thanks in advance for your able assistance. Oh, he is friends with Meryl Streep worshiper John Grogan if that helps.

          1. Since the list of intelligent liberal minds is very short in Roswell NM, I would speculate that you are trying to hook up with either Greg/Craig Abalos or Dan Gage.

            The are feeling depressed right now because 12 thousand Roswellites voted for Trump and only 5 thousand voted for female Clinton.

            I respect both men but worry about their mental state as they refuse to acknowledge Trumps victory in general election. Knew them in church a while back and they are sincere in their convictions to the extent they should relocate to Santa Fe.

            I have no contact info, but maybe you will get lucky if they are the type who google their own name. They both like to see their names in print. Good luck finding them

            1. Ernie Edmondston wrote the shortest and most pithy letter to RDR in history. His single paragraph symbolizes the hopeless derelict state of the Democratic Party both locally and nationally. Craig Abalos is inferior and does not even KNOW it! Keep writing into the void and shouting into the vacuum Craig. You are actually outperforming Sisyphus.

              I know, I know, Abalos you probably wrote an erudite paper on the absurdity of our existence. After all, you are super intelligent just like Obama says Ernie

              1. The RDR republished Ernie Edmonston’s letter as Tongue in Cheek praise for demagogue Abalos when it was originally published as “swipe at his intelligence”. The latter is , of course, the correct version

                1. William Dawe believes Craig Abalos was molded by the book titled rules for radicals written by Saul Alinsky. Craig is bigger and more intelligent to let a single tome be his sole guidance. Dawe failed to mention the female democratic nominee loser of this year’s presidential election was extremely attracted to the ideology of Alinsky. Read the efforts of Jen Kuznicki whose sexuality sometimes overshadows her political acumen. Obama was certainly a Saul Alinsky acolyte, but egregiously blundered implementing the Affordable Health Care Act.
                  Alinsky would have certainly favored federal money being spent on programs like the Job Corps, the former employer of Dawe, but NOT the travesty called ObamaCare which has ratfucked the middle class!!

              2. Dear Martin Kral,

                Mr Ford and Mr Abalos are well aware of the feelings of the “true consensus” in Roswell NM. 11000 of us showed up and voted for Trump. A scant 5000 voted for the inferior female Democratic Party candidate.

                John Grogan is also still in denial mode writing of being entertained by “silly claims” of the PARTY that CONVINCINGLY won the general election.

                You whiners lost! You will be in the ideological minority for another EIGHT YEARS!!!!

                1. Abalos is arrogantly ignorant labeling ultra conservative Kral as sinister for not agreeing with the legalization of the extremely addictive drug marijuana. Dick Bartlett’s commentary on the obstructive tendencies of “in denial” dems like Craig is penetratingly accurate.

            2. New mantra for the whining general election LOSERS in Chaves County NM Like Dan Gage of Roswell: Abject Misery of coming to grips with GOP Congress, executive branch, and Supreme Court. It gets worse Dan; the majority of governors are republican. Enjoy next 4 years you arrogant snob. Oh yeah, wise up and read the sage words of J W Kopp.

            1. Fred looks up to Sara Ganim and Chris Welch of CNN. Both writers are still numb over the thrashing Trump administered to Hillary in general election. I wish Sara would write at length at how female Clinton screwed the pooch prompting Obama to declare how he would have beaten trump had a third term been legal. Helluva a campaign Mrs Clinton whose message was the weakly insufficient “I am not Donald Trump”

              What is odd is most of the citizens in Roswell who reside in the Sherrill Lane region are staunch if not zealous GOP backers. I wonder how Fred gets along there?

              1. Joe Conason writes about how trump Moscow connection might develop into a scandal.

                The unelected female democratic candidate already had three or four scandals on her CV including whitewater, Clinton foundation, FBI investigation private email, etc. Allegations regarding Oleg Deripaska remain unsubstantiated.

              2. Amanda Terkel another deluded liberal who favors disrupting the inauguration by refusing to acknowledge legitimacy of the trump pence leadership. Santa Fe is full of quixotic bleeding hearts who are suffering like her. How sweet it is!!!

                1. Thank you bill for the lethal career stopping publicity you promulgated on head case legba carrefour disruptj20 activist. This punk arrogantly is ignoring results of general election and might live to regret his treasonous actions at inauguration

                2. Octogenarian Bill Schwartz detests the rancor between the sore loser Democratic Party and the WINNING Republican Party. He even recommends googling the term rancor rather than taking the time to tell you what the friggin word means!! He is quite proud of all the civics, history and political science courses he took in high school

          2. John Grogan puts his ignorance and arrogance on display for all to read when declares Muslims are not threats to USA. John ignores the multiple attacks by young radical Islam terrorists on our soil. Pull your head out of your ass Grogan!!! Your party lost the general election for a reason!!! You are in the extreme minority in Roswell NM now. Move to Santa Fe or NYC if you can afford it you pathetic out of touch liberal.

            1. Jonna Ivin produces lucid exposition which details why white trash voted for Donald Trump in USA presidential election. Mocking poor white people had almost become socially acceptable prior to Ivin’s brilliant observations about the recent cataclysmic shift in power.

              Also Stacey McKenna knows there is no real push towards criminalizing homelessness. Our jails are chockablock with REAL criminals!

            2. Thanks to H.B. Clemmons of Dexter NM for noting Grogan’s lack of scholarship regarding US constitution. I agree with Clemmons that ALL of Our resident Trump denier’s letters are NOT worthy of rebuttal!!

        3. John Ford would still believe the sun rotates around the earth had Copernicus not jumped into the mix. Ford is a science nerd who fancies himself as intelligent when he attacks job corps employee William Dawe whose GOP candidate decisively kicked Hillary’s Ass.

          Better watch that talented poet named Christopher Griego who was afraid to divulge grass rhymes with ass. Hehhe haha so much talent assembled in alien city. Sorry guys, I prefer Netflix for my entertainment.

          1. It was almost as if John Ford was a credible person, when Nancy Lynd called him out for claiming 97% of all scientists believe global warming is man made. Ford had published boundless falsehoods Nancy. Use your time to engage honest folks.

      2. Marco Martinez is a hypocrite. Had priest Riley criticized Trump, LITTLE Marco would have interrupted pious parishioners with applause.

        Thank you Patsy Lyles of Lakewood for going public for your support if trump in land of enchantment. Just hope the liberal vandalizing fools in Roswell don’t plan a trip to Lakewood!

      3. I heard Jeff Tucker carries a gun. He sure needs one. They way he portrayed dr Leandro Guiterrez constitutes libel and slander. Bill Schwartz can attest to this. A petition for the removal of this pig headed chain smoker is an option forcing the hand of the RDR would be a start. Mr Tucker has a long documented history, in newspaper archives, of prevarication and attack. Perhaps he is in possession of compromising photos of Barbara Beck. Just searching for possible explanation as to why he is still employed given his flagrant misrepresentation of the truth!

        1. Why should we doubt no less an authority than Barbara Beck on fake news? She promotes media literacy for ignorant people who don’t have the common sense to sniff out bullshit on their own.

          Remember! She is the one who terminated the employment of Conservative cartoonist Keith Bell. Since her party lost election fair and square AND more than twice as many voted for Trump than the unqualified female candidate in Roswell, why don’t you just hire Bell back Barbie Girl?

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