The Waning Neighborhood Unit


I nostalgically recall the good old days growing up in West Texas near Midland where my Mother would meet with the neighborhood wives and gossip about the comings and goings. Most of the men in the neighborhood had stable jobs. Backyard barbeques were common and we all felt safe and relatively secure.

These days many of us learn the hard way that some neighbors are not worth getting to know. However it is a good to know something about their dislikes and what might piss them off, so you do not inadvertently enrage them.

Who could forget back in 2006 when Charles Martin, a curmudgeonly old man living in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, shot a 15-year-old boy to death because he had he walked across Martin’s meticulously manicured lawn. Martin is still rotting in prison as he should be, but the take away is to be aware of any unusual, In this case OCD, tendencies of those you are stuck living around.

Attentive parents could have forewarned their progeny to stay off the property of such potentially short fused people. Yes, its sad that the only time, for some of us, to interact with our next door neighbor is at the mailbox cluster unit or during Halloween. Thank goodness folks like Lori Christensen are few and far between.


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  1. This piece about an OCD neighbor reminds me of the efforts of Sean Cooper
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    1. Have you ever known that person at work with obsessive compulsive disorder who is the butt of the break room jokes for never getting laid? I know a 60 year old woman, never married old maid,who clearly has never had her clitoris stimulated to orgasm by a male or maybe by her own hand since she sees masturbation as a sin against God.

      Sex therapist Monnica T. Williams, who has been with many men, could help this colleague of mine maybe.

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