This Former Male Upset Trump is President


Man turned woman Sessi Blanchard marched in protest of the Donald Trump presidency at inaugural parade. She did not want to allow a peaceful transfer of power to transpire apparently believing our new leader will not support policy that favors humans like Sessi who were not happy with their birth gender. Maybe Sessi was named Sammy by loving parents? Not sure what red mark on her left cheek symbolized.

Derrida’s deconstruction theories appeal to her when she is not fantasizing about Papa Murphy’s pizza. She fervently supports Do It Yourself approaches to gender transitioning.

I think he wanted to become a woman much sooner than she eventually did which is why she is so solicitous in her endeavors to help other LGBT aspirants transition.


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  1. Did you see the article in Time magazine by Maya Rhodan titled The Resistance Begins Now. I guess Miss Rhodan is just the messenger for transgender malcontents like Blanchard, but their resistance fell woefully short in the general election as the Dems trotted out a weak and arrogant candidate named Hillary who blew it against Obama 8 years ago AND then was out campaigned by the superior intellect of Donald Trump.
    Blanchard attends the out of touch liberal institution called Vassar College in New York which is even more clueless than California when it comes to understanding the ethos and sentiments of hard working Americans. Can you hear that fizzing sound? It is the entitlement culture dissolving.

    This same college has publicized baseless claims regarding alleged stalking charges against a computer science teacher named Pavel Naumov. In this same libelous article, they tried to collect $5 PayPal Donations without even declaring reason or purpose for use of said donations.

  2. Dear Ashley Judd,

    Who listened to the anti Trump tripe when you liberals endorsed Hillary prior to her being demolished in general election? YOUR PARTY lost woman!! Even the commercial your deceitful cohorts produced where trump appeared to mock a man with a disability DID not affect intelligent discerning conservative voters.

    Miss Judd you will soon become aware of the truth the liberal MIND SET is being ignored! Tic GOP Tock for next 8 years beeeeeatches

    1. CNN’s Van Jones used to be a credible and perceived as intelligent black man. After Trump crushed Hillary in the general election, Van Jones tranformed into the cry baby give me a hug Don Lemon type that makes me happy to others rub salt into his bleeding wounds caused by complacent democrats who took the outcome of the election for granted. GOPs had to suffer through 8 years of Obama’s failed policies. If InCog Man would just identify himself, he would get a lot more ad revenue from Google. Nobody cares a about an anonymous man’s opinion Mr InCog Man, why dont you just spell out incognito?

    2. Please support Ronna McDaniel
      Republican National Committee chairwoman. Now that our beloved GOP president has tightened the immigration laws to keep scummy foreign criminals out of USA, Hollywood movie stars and Olympic athletes and NBA stars are crying that it will be harder to be superstars. National security is far more important than your inflated egos you prima Donna punks! Enjoy next 8 years. You LOST the election whiners DEAL with it!!

      1. Chicago business owner Greg Gibbs is trying to organize a women’s march in Roswell NM in disrespect to our New GOP president. I wonder if the 1990 graduate of Goddard High School is aware 11,000 Roswellites vote for TRUMP and only 5 thousand for the inferior female democratic nominee? After living in a sanctuary city for all these years with a bleeding heart mayor, it is no surprise Greg has turned on his kind!

        Martin authoritarian nation Heinrich is not to be taken seriously. Somalia, Libya,Syria and Sudan should be banned Mr #nobannowall

    3. Dianne Feinstein Democratic senator whose state of California fell off the map in general election firmly believes the constitution is an “evolving document”. Thank the good lord lord for Neil Gorsuch who will emphatically quash morons like the typical Californian liberal. Some liberals actually favor banning private gun ownership. It makes no difference as Hudson Boue of Roswell NM stated. Liberals got ignored by the voters, so people with distorted views like Feinstein should save their breath. Nobody in power cares what they have to say. They are politically outnumbered and will have little influence on policy for next 8 years!!!

    4. CNN writer Michael D’Antonio is a WEAK clueless journalist who writes as though the right values his opinion. Trump is president exactly because of the behavior liberals deem as inappropriate!!

      1. “When was the last time and actor’s political views mattered?”

        President Trump Reacting to Depp wondering if actor had ever assassinated a president.

  3. Who was the left wing old woman head case who verbally attacked Scott Kotesky on Alaska airline flight just because Kotesky appeared to be of conservative persuasion?
    A start is she is a pedantic looking professor type from Portland Oregon who has the distorted perception the people around her give a shit about what she has to say. Kale Williams probably knows who she is.

    1. Bill o’reilly got Lawyer Jonathan Turley a liberal legal scholar to sell out his own relatives who voiced their disdain for trump at a family reunion. The professor of law at the George Washington University Law School has some ulterior motive which should surface soon.

      1. It may take Dannel Patrick “Dan” Malloy being violently assaulted by an illegal undocumented person wondering around the US freely and easily because of the out of touch 8 years we endured under Obama. Dan ignorantly invokes freedom of religion as a defense against the extreme vetting against potentially criminal minded middle eastern immigrants. KellyAnne Conway is so much more sexy and intelligent than that Lesbian Blond who mocks her on Saturday night live

    2. I can tell you are NOT speaking about TARA MONTAGUE an exceptional Professor in the English department
      at Portland Community College. She may be liberal, but she respects the conservative vantage point. I have never seen her attack any students in the fashion Scott Kotesky was accosted on the airplane before they kicked that old gray haired windbag off the flight. Tara will make fun of young ignorant republicans in a subtle way, but is the consummate professional and delivers her content smoothly and seamlessly.

      Oddly, she seemed write a post going after students who criticized her at RateMyProfessors: I have read some of these posts and do not understand where people are coming from. Tara is one of the best instructors i have had. She calls her class writing boot camp, because it is! Its a lot of work, but super rewarding. I am glad i had to opportunity to learn from her.
      Comon how may kids refer to their teacher by first name. Comon Tara!, you got plenty of glowing reviews! Don’t be Donald Trump on Twitter stooping to go after Meryl Streep or SNL. Let the whiners whine

      BTW the topic of your article sessi blanchard drifted into obscurity after her big you tube splash hit Kin Dread which attracted many viewers. Cute play on the word kindred! She dropped out of site. So much lost talent in this big world

      1. Minta Burke is another self entitled BLACK woman who became aggressive with JetBlue flight attendants. The arrogant Minta Burke shouted obscenities at various members of the crew after ignoring rules prohibiting her from storing birthday cake in overhead bin reserved for crew usage. She was politely told to remove cake causing her cursing tirade. Throw her in jail for being disruptive and being and extreme public nuisance!!

    3. ariana fletcher owns a hair products company that just lost a lot of business. She was escorted off plane after refusing to follow American airline rules of reclining seats.
      She let her dog run around on aircraft bothering passengers. The immature 21 year old with voluptuous model figure was already not much more than a stamp tramp. End of career time girlfriend. Maybe you can get on as floor retail sales with JC Penny’s

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