Thug Blaming his Criminality on Tourette’s Syndrome


Did not know being afflicted with Tourette’s Syndrome was an excuse for violent criminal to be released on his own recognizance.

Mr Sena, having been charged with arson and battery of an Albuquerque,NM police officer, was cross armed upset with judge who had just inexplicably let him go without jail time. Sena is smart enough to use his Tourette’s diagnosis as an excuse with law enforcement, but apparently did not know what the term recognizance meant.  He  kicked one officer and then attempted to strangle/choke another officer with his lapel camera and radio cords. This all happened after Sena had physical fight with his girlfriend near Church’s Chicken.

What do you want to bet that You Tube contributors  servedandprotected, Stolen Valor,Brian Ruben Acosta and Chase Gosman would bond with Sena and scream police brutality and unfair justice system?



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