Today’s Sci Fi is the future’s Reality


I believe the title of this post paraphrased is credited to Isaac Asimov .

I read where the owner of Facebook was speculating, via technology, humans will be able to transmit fact specific dense thoughts to receptive people without moving our lips, i.e. in a completely non-linguistic way. One will  think of something and willing friends will recognize your conception and feelings immediately.  For example, if Zuckerberg wanted his itinerant wife to know he was walking his dog, no text, email, or social media would be necessary to alert his spouse he had stepped out of his mansion.

I guess Mark and his whiz bang technical staff would have to work out the kinks of young virile mails desirous of rough sex with a cowboy cheerleader being arrested for thought rape. Seriously though, transmission of ones feeling through the ether in a non language fashion would be the acme of communication technology where a science fiction sounding aim may become reality.

Unrelated is  his quote “I think lots of people confuse happiness with fun.”  He maturely and honestly declares that having too much fun gets in the way of maturity and accountability. This can result in an unambitious sort of life where a 30 year old is still living with Mom .



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