Tony Robbins is for Real


Tony Robbins impressed some as potentially a different kind of L Ron Hubbard who duped young, insecure, dentists, doctors, and other professionals who one would not expect to be suckered into the  bogus and expensive self help program known as Dianetics or Scientology.  The so named celebrity centers disconnected and isolated lost, disturbed, and deeply troubled young men and women from their families leading to an exceptionally high number of bereft mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers who had to experience the pain of having a beloved sibling cleaved from the family! The list of chronically depressed mothers because of LRH manipulation and separation from their loved ones is lengthy indeed.

Instead of creating a for profit religion as Hubbard manged to pull off, Mr Robbins makes the big bucks selling confidence building strategies that he is constantly improving, refining, and marketing. The proof that he is not a fraud is the high number of well known businessmen and celebrities who have experienced tremendous personal improvement and benefit by faithfully adhering to Tony’s tenets of being centered, confident, motivated, and happy!

He is a master at helping insecure folks alter their mental state from shakey and depressed to brimming with confidence and self worth.


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