Tourism dollars versus declaring same sex marriages illegal.


Savino Sanchez, police councilor in Roswell,NM, wants to declare that marriage is a formal union of a man and a woman. This councilor proposed a resolution to make same sex marriages illegal in a town with an international alien/UFO reputation that very much enjoys the tourist dollars that are spent here.

Mayor Del Jurney recently announced the resolution would be removed from the city council agenda. Pat Davis of ProgressNow New Mexico was a big part of the reason that bigotry was suppressed. Davis estimates that 1200 ProgressNow members reside in Roswell.

Sanchez declared about his resolution that “this is where I take a stand”. I wonder why he would want to take a stand against people who love each other enjoying the benefits of a healthy marriage? After the Mayor’s announcement, Sanchez stated he would not further pursue any future marriage regulations. Two deeply in ┬álove men have been married in Roswell. Sanchez needs to spend some time on substantive issues like job creation and over reliance on EBT Cards.

Money talks and BS walks. Had a resolution passed making same sex unions illegal, tourism revenue would have flowed out of the Alien City mucho pronto. Ain’t it funny how when ideology and profitability hook up, ideology always ends up in the back seat.



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  1. Diane Whetsel and Angelica Rubio of the well known blog The Rubio Dispatch strongly oppose the idiocy of the associate pastor of Church on the Move. Mayor Del Jurney reported that , not surprisingly, there was no quorum at city council meeting which in effect means most Roswell citizens do not really care if same-sex marriages are recognized or not. Enough of the drama Savino Sanchez. Why don’t you focus more on our troubled youth who steal, vandalize, use and sell drugs, etc!! Bearing witness on this segment of our populace would be much more effective than executing your personal grudge against Roswell’s gay community.
    Pastor Troy Smothermon is much more laid back about homosexuals and does not raise a big stink like some of the bigots at that church.

    1. I think Sanchez was the guy attacked by Jeremy De Los Santos. We called the cops on de Los santos because he and his group was preaching about burning in hell outside the Galaxy Theatre. He has no right to assemble groups on public property interfering with movie patrons. Poor ignorant man. Needs help. And to think he is an ordained minister at a Baptist Church!!!

      Read the commentary of Mike DeLong if you want to know more about this “baptist preacher” who has been convicted of disorderly conduct many times.

    2. Roswell Mall had a string of vandalisms by BB gun armed teen aged punks. One decent Iphone picture of a fleeing gunman was in police possession. A witness at the scene knew one of the kids but refused to testify only indicating what street two of the little turds lived on. The attending officer said the photograph will be analyzed at RPD and shown to residents who live at various addresses on the street. ONLY a matter of time until you welfare losers get turned over to the law. You will be fined and spend at least one year in jail. Enjoy your last 3 or 4 days of freedom lowlifes!

      1. We know the names of four brothers who shot out the windows of vehicles parked at Roswell mall. They put their 10 year old brother up to being the driver who crashed car near Walmart. Police department spokesman called it a “bad idea”. They need to fire his ass. Sounds like he is tight with punks parents. I will reveal names of felony level perpetrators and the names of parents if RPD does not crack down on these miscreant pronto.

  2. Yvonne Lehman of Calvary Baptist Church is disappointed that same sex marriages are allowed. She disagrees with the constitution of the united states on this matter. She believes that writing to Steve pearce will help.

    1. Steve Pearce was as full of BS as a Christmas turkey back in the day at Hobbs NM high school.

      He is much more of a refined BS artist with the inauthentic “energized convergence of opposing viewpoints was a fruitful endeavor in politically divisive times”

      Had the nmmi graduation speaker been the one punched in nose at town hall, he would have filed assault charges.

      1. Gerald F. Serafino Roswell NM wanted everybody to know he is rich and earned his PHD, probably from a for profit school like University of Phoenix online. The pinheaded doctor should move to Santa Fe where all the other presidential election losers live!

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