Trump: The Juggling Unicyclist


Looks like the RDR cartoonist is a Ted Cruz advocate.  I could be wrong, but it  appears like Keith Bell’s drawing of a car motoring down a bumpy road maintaining its traction will win out against Trump’s juggler on a unicycle which is a distraction to the voters.

So the difference between The Donald and the champion Princeton rhetoritician is the dis in the terms traction and distraction.

Cruz took a lot of heat for, what many perceived, a ridiculously long congressional Filibuster standing opposed to ObamaCare. I was so opposed to the ACA that I did not care what tactics or strategy was employed to quash its enactment.

The irony of of the Cruz Filibuster was that the Texas senator was a legendary debater steeped in oratorical training and expertise, but chose to ramble on  disparate random topics including  lyrics from a song by country music star Toby Keith, quotes from the popular reality television show “Duck Dynasty” , recollections of how his father used to make green eggs and ham for breakfast, and a recent  speech by actor Ashton Kutcher at an awards show. I believe he also read bedtime stories to his daughters who he knew were watching on the idiot tube.

I don’t believe that Presidential contender Trump is complete fluff as Keith seems to suggest. Trump is not accepting ANY donations to his campaign as far as I know which appeals to a huge number of Americans. He will not be beholden to major corporations or special interests as he bragged many politicians were to him for his enormous campaign contributions. I do believe Trump would be too much of a loose cannon in international affairs and could get us into a war much quicker than the other contenders.

Ted Cruz equals substance. Donald Trump equals fluff
Ted Cruz equals substance. Donald Trump equals fluff

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  1. Cripple Hal Benjamin Clark of Roswell NM shocks the world by calling Donald Trump a liar in his letter to editor. Clark’s grievance with The front running GOP presidential candidate stems from incident with reporter Serge Kovaleski afflicted with arthrogryposis.

    Oh my god Hal! Do you mean to tell me a high ranking politician lied? I will never vote in national election again!!

  2. POW in Vietnam conflict Tom Hanton, bravely questions Mr. Trump’s toughness stating The Donald would not have hacked it in Nam. He would have been probably the first to start begging for his life or pay his way out of it with inherited money.

    Michael Waltz, a retired Special Forces colonel, stone faced calls Trump a coward and unfit to lead our country and a draft dodger, a poseur(imposter) faking out ignorant Americans with his anti professional politician rhetoric.

    1. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has severe anger management problems. The ineffective senator has a history of outbursts where she is emotionally incontinent unable to control contempt related to issues of hate with her high school and college classmates. Rumor is she screamed SHUT UP repeatedly to her husband in Boston upscale restaurant. Recently her voice was filled with rage as she attacked Trump.

      1. Virginia Republican Scott Rigell signed a letter demanding the Republican party to stop supporting Trump’s presidential campaign.

        Rigell said Trump is horrible moral example for his son. I heard that the congressman’s son was gay and had a DWI arrest which dad was trying to get off his record.

        Also Scott Rigell is a car dealer which is invariably connected to lying salesman and unethical behavior.

      2. Nicholas Kristof wrote about some of Hillary Clinton’s sexual misdeeds that have been systematically quashed and NOT published by liberal media that is trying to get her elected. Nicholas Kristof Referenced her crush on some of Bill’s young handsome male aids during Monica Lewinsky days. Also Hillary’s fake maudlin crocodile tears were obvious plays for black and Hispanic votes on Ellen degeneres show. She was not getting any when Bill was fooling around in Arkansas and while he was president, so she affectionately “groped” younger men frequently. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Her strong sex drive is documented if you dig around a little.

        1. Pat hittle of Roswell NM surely knows about hillary’s flings with young male interns in the Arkansas days of Clinton campaigning. Hittle would be happy to learn that Roswell police know who the woman is who defaced and vandalized homes with trump pence signs posted in front yard or with GOP stickers on their cars.

      3. One generation removed wetback California Secretary of State Alex Padilla is pissed off at allegations of voter fraud in California and calls the President Elects tweets childish and immature. Alex is still hurting over how his liberal state LOST. YOU got your ass kicked Alex. Deal with it!!!

  3. A lot of people seemed to miss glaring gap in Trump’s political science knowledge when Wisconson man asked Donald what the three top functions of federal government was. Trump first replied military/security for all three. Then when forced by Anderson Cooper to respond, he said military, education, and health care! He did not seem to understand executive, judicial, and legislative branches and their function. Why is Cooper so silent on gay rights? Does he not want to bring attention to fact he is gay? Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me mr trump, why didn’t you ask Anderson why he is light in the loafers?

    Actually, the incisive commentary by Caleb Howe writing for Daily Kos and RedState amplified Trump’s unbearable ignorance of government functions.

  4. Susan Estrich criticizes trump for his age and being married three times.

    She is an American lawyer, instructor, blogger, political novice, female advocate, and a talking head commentator for Fox News.

    She is 64 years old and went through a testy divorce with Marty Kaplan. She posts pictures of herself taken 15 years ago, because Botox is just not getting it done.

    1. Jeff Engel PHD dumbass from SMU does not understand the notion of NATO membership. Members who do not uphold membership requirements do not get protected by those that do. Trump knows that the out of touch academician does NOT.

  5. Cheyenne Cope writes about vicious vandalism in Roswell,NM.
    My car has been spray-painted with tires deflated, I’ve had the wall that goes around my house spray-painted with graffiti, I’ve had my sidewalk spray-painted,” said Dave Heckman.

  6. Maura Cotter, 22, a senior at the University of Notre Dame, has contempt at what Mr. Trump did instead during Sunday’s debate. The 2005 recording, about forcing himself on women and grabbing their genitals. Cotter herself fantasizes about offensive lineman in a variety of bondage positions. She talks about it to girls in the dorm and in study groups or while watching studly fighting Irish football players wonder by.

    1. Kathryn A. Quiroga of Artesia NM probably lives off government handouts and does not understand why the haves are tired of paying for the have nots. Thanks to the person who removed the Clinton Kaine sign from her front yard. Hillary will be in jail after Donald gets elected.

      1. Did anybody else notice how PHD professor Daron Shaw’s tongue somewhat impedes his speech? Maybe all the young female longhorn pussy he is licking is leading to anatomical alterations to tongue muscles. The teaching assistants of this professor of government spend a lot of time with him getting intense orgasms without the worries and burdens of pregnancy.

    2. Cardinal Timothy Dolan Sold out at al Smith catholic assembly for indigent poor kids. He told the world what they said to each other with the microphones off about how trump said Hillary was talented and how Clinton said usual tripe about how that should put their differences behind them after election.
      Cotter would pass out in orgasmic trembling if groped on her sensitive clitoris in knee buckling ecstasy.

  7. Did you read the letter to editor of RDR written by Nancy Kleihege, a female Donald Trump supporter from Artesia NM, who compared Hillary to a witch from the dark ages? That a girl Nancy!

  8. Paul Krugman is the latest liberal whiner to declare Hillary won the election because more people voted for her. She lost the election because she LOST the electoral college decisively. White men without college degrees decided election Paul. Your side lost! Quit crying and retrain for another career. Nobody gives a damn about an out of touch Yankees point of view!!!!

    1. Drexel University associate professor outed on o’reilly factor for tweeting all I want for Xmas is white genocide. Does George Ciccariello-Maher really want ALL Caucasians DEAD or is just trying to sound clever and witty on a lonely Christmas Eve dealing with his bisexuality? Another arrogant tenured professor who feels untouchable having a passive aggressive countenance for his Twitter pic. Damn, do we have somebody named Maher who makes Bill look like an angel?

      Read more about the plight of young bisexuals in the fine work of Antonia Hoyle writing for the Daily Mail who knows firsthand about the social stigmas attached to having intercourse and making out with males and females.

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