Two John Wayneisms from The Shootist


What follows are some memorable lines by John Wayne’s character in the Western titled The Shootist. His characters always displayed honesty, directness, and likeability. He frequently intially offended the leading lady, and then he would win them over with his strength and charm.

If you trust too much, you don’t celebrate many birthdays(you may die young if you divulge too much personal information) which were the words of John Wayne ‘s character, J.B. Brooks, in an opening scene with the doctor played by Jimmy Stewart.

You have a fine color when you’re on the scrap(translated possibly as you are cute when you are mad) as he addressed Bond Rogers played by the exceptionally attractive and sensual Lauren Bacall. Brooks, who played a dying lawman/gunfighter, was trying to depart this world in a pain free way while still defending the rights of those who had been violated in some way.


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