UAE Connection to Southern California


Mud Slides Southern California

Most Americans are aware of the family wrecking mud slides that destroy homes and have the potential to decimate small cities in Southern California. I have always been puzzled at how many families reside close to the Mississippi and faced with miserable circumstances whenever the great river overflows. I have the same impression of people who live in regions prone to mud slides where your whole life can be turned upside down when it rains too much. Irreplaceable memorabilia and family heirlooms can be gone in an instant.

Water and Mud Damage in UAE

Heavy rainfall led to extensive damage to residents’ property and public facilities. According to a Gulf News report , water and mud entered many homes and destroyed furniture, appliances, carpet, etc. The cost of the damage s well outside the budgets of the average citizen. The report also stated  ONLY six out of 100 UAE residents have their home contents insured. These is somewhat understandable since flood like events are relatively rare in that part of the world. However, given the prevalence of mudslides in certain USA regions, one is pressed hard to sympathize when families do not purchase relatively inexpensive insurance policies that will cover the loss of and damage to expensive  and difficult to replace furniture, beds, etc.




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