Unconditional Opposition to Abortion Irrational


I read with a great deal of interest the letter written by Dave Cole of Leo, Indiana. I believe the extreme opponent of abortion, who wrote the missive to the newspaper in Fort Wayne, ignores all the obvious reasons for abortion like rape and crystal meth babies that have no chance of an even average life. Yet Dave Cole believes all babies should be carried to term because there are enough loving homes and lonely couples available. Mr Cole’s simple mind does not seem to realize that these type of couples might be able take care of and support 10% of the unwanted babies.

Unfortunately, the strong sexual impulse of most humans creates a condition similar to the pound where dogs and cats must be euthanized after a relatively short period because there are simply not the financial and care resources available to take care of all the animals. Nature is that way overproducing living things where only the strongest and sometimes the luckiest survive.  How many baby birds in the nest never fly away as independent adults? The human animal is part of the food chain subject to the same rules of survival as all the other animals. All the talk about souls, heaven, and hell fall to the wayside while only a relatively small percentage of human fetuses make it to age 10.

Sure, there are couples who advertise for babies in classified ads in newspapers and other media forms.  The resourceful idea of “Baby Boxes” can also save the life of some newborns via adoption or foster parent care. However, this will only minutely diminish the number of conceptions that never get the chance to live in this difficult world. Lastly, Mr Cole needs to acknowledge that raising children is expensive, so if he has the true courage of his convictions then he can donate money out of his own pocket to help pay for the upbringing of rape or drug babies.





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