Unmotivated or Burnt out workers?


Sean Williams, of Fool.com, is always an informative read. Below he cites a poll or a study by Gallup that examined how engaged an average American worker is while at work.  The outcome of the poll was not unexpected. only 30% were fired up about their occupation or profession. Around 18% were actually engaged in subversive activities to hurt their employer. 

Any vigilant or inquiring reader has to wonder how honest those responding to the poll actually were. How many rational people would admit they were doing something to hurt a coworker or damage the reputation of their employer? Also I wish I knew why workers are so much more unhappy with their jobs than when I was growing up? Job security is certainly not what is was in the 70s and 80s.

I would like Sean Williams to write a piece on bullying in the workplace, because bullies are probably more common on the job than a middle school playground. I was appalled to read that a 9th grade cheerleader was forced to perform fellatio  on a football player under the bleachers during a pep rally. A teacher caught the two in the act, but the player was not formally reprimanded or punished because the cheerleader apparently wanted it and lured him under the bleachers contrary to initial report. I guess I should not be surprised in an age where simulated sexual intercourse as a form of dancing it tolerated.

Sean briefly referenced sexual tension in the workplace. A group of young male teachers were attending female volleyball game where provocatively dressed students in their class in need of a passing grade were teasing the teachers with striptease type body language in their spandex skintight shorts.

Finally as one of Sean’s readers comments, perhaps an overworked and burned out work force is a better explanation than underutilized and unmotivated. Also a whimsical CEO can make a greedy decision that might cost even the most highly motivated employee his job. Teaching or self-employment seem to be two excellent solutions in such troubled times!

We examined a study by Gallup on the state of the American worker with regard to workplace engagement. The results of that study showed that only 30% of the American workforce is actively engaged in their job (i.e., they’re innovative and willing to work toward bettering the business). The remaining 70% are either not engaged (52%) and are simply going through the motions, or are actively disengaged (18%) and are actually seeking ways to undermine their employer.


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