USA Government threatening to fine its Citizens for Not buying Health Insurance.


Dear President Elect,

Please rip out the pathetically lame and illegal health care plan imposed on the populace by OUTGOING president Obama. We keep getting annoying emails in rapid succession from

The email today stated that more than 80% of USA citizens who enroll through qualify for financial help. Not sure if that means a low interest loan from the government or what? Or does it just mean the monthly premiums will be reduced?

Finally, it threatens us with $695 fine or more if we do not enroll by the December 15th deadline. Mr Trump, how did the government ever get away with imposing a fine or penalty to begin with?! Forget prosecuting Hillary for the email scandal where the FBI let her off the hook. Go after the Obama administration for forcing the populace to pay for the healthcare of lazy people who refuse to work! Also please read the piece written by  Angie Drobnic Holan cleverly and appopriately phrased “If you like your health care plan you can keep it”. Sexy Angie repeatedly plays backs audio clips of Obama declaring any American citizen can retain their favorite doctor and insurance policy. So our first black president is the not so proud recipient of  the FALSEHOOD of the year award!

Fined for not enrolling ACA
Fined for not enrolling ACA

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  1. I was extremely moved by the views advanced by David DeCelle in a recent comment thread somewhere. He carried on in a sensible sounding fashion, however:

    I’m frequently taken aback by the level of cognitive dissonance that exists in GOP states. I get it I think. Red states have a little problem and it’s called racism. The hatred that exists here polarizes and paralyzes its citizens in camps fueled by inequality, injustice and indifference. No one down here wants anyone to have anything because they think they’re all freeloaders never putting together that they as a state, are in fact, the very freeloaders they despise. Instead of looking for solutions(solution is to elect a Republican with balls like Donald Trump) they prefer to wrap themselves in the comforting arms of hypocrisy and rhetoric. (Sounds like a lot of rhetoric being spewed on both sides). Let’s replaced the cognitive dissonance of the Republicans with the overall lack of cognition on the BLUE side of the equation David. Your party lost because smart people realized they were being manipulated by Apparatchik par excellence Hillary.

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