Walmart employees get paid exactly what they are worth.


I am tired of listening to Walmart employees whine about unfair working conditions and low wages. Walmart sells at low prices because they hire unskilled workers who get paid exactly what they are worth. If Walmart pays them much more than minimum wage, then Walmart shoppers do not get the low prices they are used to paying and will quit shopping frequently there.  If they go on strike, just replace them with immigrants who will work their butts off and not complain.

Cry baby walmart employees were the kids who screwed off in school or were truant and now they are getting exactly what they deserve which is a crappy job. Quit your bitching and get trained for a more professional higher paying job.

Below are comments by self entitled Walmart employees:

I never shop at Walmart no matter how low the price of the product. It amazes me that a company who became rich because Americans shopped there, doesn’t care about the citizens, veteran, the least among us struggling to provide for their families that made them suscessful. Shame on Walmart, the CEO, the Walmart family, the board members, and the stock holders!

The only way they will listen is Walmart will only get the message when UNION members throughout the country STOP buying at their stores. In addition, we must convince our family members and neighbors to avaoid Walmart like the plague! I describe Walmart as evil every opportunity that I get. Note that you can easily make a sharp contrast between good employers, such as Costco, and bad ones. to STOP shopping there and bring their stock down as it is the only GOD they worship!

It is not my fault that I was no good in school. I wanted to have sex with cheerleaders and spandex short volley ball players rather than learn algebra and English grammar. I was really popular in high school, but now I am stuck in dead end job at walmart. It’s not my fault! It’s not my fault!  I should not have to live in poverty because I masturbated in my high school bathroom instead of listening to boring history teacher.





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  1. Jorel Ware, a 33-year-old McDonald’s worker from the Bronx, was demanding $15 per hour from McDonald’s and a union deal. She was whining that the fast food monolith makes too much money and should give more to their uneducated workers who were probably truant punks in High School.

    Tell us a little about yourself Jorel! Why didn’t you go to college or the Job Corps to get trained to do something rather than flip burgers? You are the classic Black who perceives herself as a victim of White culture and does not hold herself accountable for having a dead end low paying job. You are unskilled and only deserve minimum wage for the menial tasks you perform. You are replaceable. Nobody cares about you and your self righteous demands for more money. The government owes you nothing GIRL!!

  2. Marie Green of Roswell NM does not get that governments are NOT required to ensure that wages match cost of living. I bet Mary did not earn a bachelors degree from a credible four year college. Perhaps we could persuade her to tell us how she performed academically in high school. Yet another person who believes it is the governments function to take care of below average citizens.

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