West Point Cadets Marching Punishment Tours


Marching tours is or used to be one of the chief forms of discipline at our nations military academies. This scene from The West Point Story starring James Cagney and sexy red hot Virginia Mayo shows cadets “walking the area” consequent to their infractions of the rules and regulations.

There was a scene right after the picture you see where a cadet obsequiously reports for Additional Military Instruction only to be brow beaten and put in his place by an officer. This all reminded me of one of my friend’s son who attends Marion Military Institute in Alabama or it might be the one in New Mexico.

The kid said that these days a cadet can easily get out of marching tours by doing a simple 15 minute task to earn “tour credits” which will offset however many one hour tours they have been charged with. All one cadet did to get rid of tours he was given for having sex with a local high school girl was to ¬†carry some books from the LRC to a teachers office which took all of 5 minutes! Also the cadets can build up a bank of these tour credits to wipe out any sticks or demerits they get for being disruptive in the corps or classroom!

Our country is already in trouble, but when the entities that are training our future military officers start getting  weak and undisciplined, we will sink rapidly!!




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  1. I know you are referencing West Point in your article, but related is an incident back in in 2004 that dealt with the misdeeds of 14 cadets from military school in Roswell,NM.

    They were caught drinking at an off-campus party over the Thanksgiving break and were initially suspended by the school. However, the cadets’ parents obtained a temporary restraining order that prevented NMMI from suspending the students, including football players, who were caught at a bonfire party following a victorious playoff game against St. Michael’s High School of Santa Fe.

    NMMI decided not to allow the football team to compete in the 3A state championship for infraction of the school’s alcohol policy which prohibits cadets from drinking alcohol or attending any party, on campus or off, where alcohol is present.

    The cadets’ parents, some of who were alcoholics, argued that NMMI’s student conduct policy only applies when school is in session, and the party occurred during Thanksgiving break.

    The parents and NMMI resolved the dispute, and announced that the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice. The parents “won” the legal battle but lost the ethical one in the court of public opinion proving that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

    Roswell attorney Stuart Shanor was paid well, effectively allowing the inebriated cadets to be above the law of the school which had stood strong since 1891 the year the school was founded way back before NM was a state in the Union.

    1. Congratulations to NMMI cadet Joe Galindo for his baseball contract with San Diego Padres!! El Paso has so much to be proud of. He learned more from his high school coaches than he did from Bronco coach Chris Cook.

  2. Complete bullshit that black female West Point cadets were criticized for emulating or imitating Beyonce by thrusting fists into sir. Typical knee jerk white reaction. Army Times reports raised fist act might be aligned with political movement leading to possible punitive action from defense department. Trying to compare this to Tommie Smith and John Carlos is pure rubbish!

    1. Agreed about making it with young horny smart black woman who wears tight pants all day. Did you see that little punk white girl that was texting while she was marching during a formation? So much for high standards at our “nation’s prestigious military institute” . It’s the same at NMMI. Regimental staff that are doing the young sexy and hot to trot high school girls give them a pass on cell phones, texting, missing formations etc. for the price of 15 minutes alone in Heaven.

      1. Judy D’Alemberte Long a teacher at San Francisco State University chose to publicly judge and condemn the action of the famous texting West Point girl. Judy frequently texts while her students are testing. Another example of academician practicing double standards.

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