White lightning,Blue cheer, Window pane


White lightning,Blue cheer, Window pane were the LSD code names produced and distributed by the original manager of the Grateful Dead Rock Scully. According to Scully, Dead(Yeah, Garcia is really dead too) icon Jerry Garcia had a deep and personal exchange with an old oak tree after consuming a hit of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide( Lysergic Acid can live naturally in the ergot fungus that grows on wheat and rye).

Garcia had his share of bad trips( horrifying hallucinations on the stimulant 32-year-old Swiss Albert Hoffman  synthesized in 1938  to stimulate the respiratory and circulatory systems), but Garcia and his jazz/rock and roll colleagues really believed taking acid stripped away the boredom of the every day and allowed its users to dissolve the constraints of time and space for a spiritually edifying experience.

Garcia was deeply influenced by Aldous Huxley and the book On The Road. He was completely behind the decision of Scully, along with Melissa Cargill, to open a LSD pill producing laboratory in Point Richmond a little north Berkeley. They legally sold the tablets for 2 dollars apiece utilizing Terry and the Tramp of the San Francisco chapter of the Hells Angels as distributors!

Everybody in the group involved in the production and distribution of this flashback inducing substance, firmly believed said actions were making them the architects of social change. Every new batch of LSD released to the streets of Haight-Ashbury(San Francisco equivalent of Greenwich Village NYC) converted a few more squares to the Deadhead, Beatnik, Hippie, Ecstasy, Bohemian, Utopian loving way which eschewed material acquisition and stressed more communal artistic roles.

The interpretation of an ecstatic experience can change ones worldview permanently whether it be caused by Jesus Christ or ingesting some Window Pane. The Dead really thought they were creating a life changing exit from the ennui of the every day by peddling psychedelic dope….. Then there is Art Linkletter’s daughter.


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