Why are they Booing my Husband?


The formation of the letter B was appearing on the politico’s wife lips towards the end of the March Madness round 32 basketball game. The Kansas fans had no reason to be doing anything else as their team was being overwhelmingly dominated by Wichita State.

Therefore, many of them, chose to boo governor Sam Brownback. The TV camera panned to the leader of the great state of Kansas and he managed a decent fake smile which is a requisite for any politician.

Look carefully at her lips. They are just past the B and now forming the letters oo to complete the question: Why are they booing? Perhaps it was because her husband had a Louisville Cardinal logo on his shirt. I guess we know she did not pick that shirt out for her hubby.

With regard to her husband’s politics, I admire him on his neutrality concerning the expansion/reduction of Medicaid benefits. His perspective is a breath of fresh air compared to most politicians desire to go one way or the other on important issues.

Governor's wife wondering why her husband is being booed
Governor’s wife wondering why her husband is being booed

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