The Wisdom of Insecurity: Alan Watts


After reading “The Wisdom of Insecurity” around 15 years ago, my outlooks and the manner in which I looked at people and their motives changed. This life changing tome penned by the venerated sage, Alan Watts, is chockablock with pithy and profound advice.

One of his quotes that resonates with me to this day is “We fall in love with people and possessions only to be tortured by anxiety for them“. If only all of us caught in the “keep up with the Jones Family mode” could see the value contained in the Watt’s quote!

I am sure that if Watts was still with us, he would agree that philosophy has solved more problems than religion. Watts believed that institutions like Marriage and Religion attempted to fix beliefs and viewpoints. Put differently, so many of us yearn for permanence in a world where change/flux is King. Many of you are now retrieving the famous quote that “the only thing that is constant is change!”

I have never read a book that was as “idea/adage” dense as Watt’s magnum opus which posits that facing the impermanence and insecurity that attends each human life is better than believing in magic and transcendence.


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  1. Was a little miffed at the remarks made by Jessica Dawson of Love Panky regarding insecure men. She is normally a thoughtful writer but wobbled somewhat when she mentioned how her ex boyfriend was the master of sulking commands and manipulative pleas to arm twist her into doing what he wants.

    Her criticism of her beau is classical female manipulation 101.

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