I worked at Mesa State when it was Just a College


It is more than a funny thing how the mind works. I was doing the laundry a while back and was reading the back of an old shirt while I was trying figure out the best way to remove a stain.

Then the name  Johnny Snyder and Alpine,TX popped into my mind like a bolt from the blue. It seemed random and rather alarmed me until I remembered him as a computer science teacher at Mesa College in Grand Junction Colorado around the year 2008.

So why did his name manifest in my brain? You will understand this strange association when you read the back of the tee shirt that I was trying to remove the stain from. I even knew an English Prof there who would certainly be critical for ending a sentence with a preposition. Who could forget the wildly popular Spanish teacher Acker who did not mind expressing his political views in class?

Note that the back of the shirt has the Dept. of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics written on it! Dr. Johnny Snyder was employed there in 2008 in computer science department I believe and he tutored or taught my daughter who must have picked up this T shirt that also advertises Heath and Co. Realtors, Mesa Jewelers, Formal Affair and Tuxedo Company, and Promotional Impact Products.

I was single at the time and he must have made a favorable impression because I had not thought of him once in the last 6 years until the day in the laundry room. I was in my late 30s and very full of libido and he looked really good in his bicycling garb. Its sad how sex has so much to do with our lives don’t you think? I remember being impressed just listening to the well built guy discuss ascending and descending with the college president and was even attracted to that! Now after three kids about 25 years apart who gives a damn? Nothing against him, just me changing.

I was also reminded of an excellent statistics teacher named Vicky Moyle who does not teach there anymore who managed to get my daughter through her course with a a decent understanding of the material. Dr. Moyle would be happy to know that my daughter teaches Stats at the high school level and emulates her teaching style which she had deep respect for. Vicky also helped her with algebra who my daughter took from a very nice lady named Jane Arledge who was unable to get it across to her. Not the fault of the teacher. Sometimes two people don’t connect and my daughter already like Moyle’s style.

A few other good teachers there were Daniel Schultz-Ela , Jerry Wethington, and Rick Ott. Dr. Ott was not liked by some because of the degrading way he would tell you to apply at McDonalds if you were blowing off his class. I don’t think the guy was mean spirited,but I do see how somebody could take that personally especially if they worked fast food.

I left Mesa State College after a four year stint and miss the days at the Ale House, but not the meetings with the college president where retention and completion was emphasized at the expense of a rigorous and challenging curriculum. The emergence of self entitled students was already inchoate when I was there and I am sure it is only worse now.

Tee Shirt Mesa College Grand Junction, CO
Tee Shirt Mesa College Grand Junction, CO

Oh, did I do a good job of removing the stain?



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  1. Dr Snyder wrote a decent analysis/review of cumbersome IS interfaces at Questia. Read his FINDING THE USABILITY CHALLENGE which follows(his title is marginally confusing. I guess the Doctor means the challenge is to make IS user interfaces more ergonomic? He does write incisively about paper directions not keeping up with user interfaces that are updated frequently):

    The dynamic(Snyder’s usage of dynamic here adds no meaning ; just a topical word that sounds cool) nature of all processes on the web means that a usability challenge awaits you at one of your college offices. A foray into the college library yielded the first usability project for the academic year. Upon selecting the appropriate set of instructions (paper copy) for renewing library materials online, the renewal process was attempted.

    Working remotely and following the directions explicitly, errors in the process were encountered.(The author of these instructions might berate Snyder for not being able to follow instructions in much the same way Snyder criticizes his own students for not following directions) Advertised buttons and text boxes were not present, login instructions were incomplete and page directions were misleading. While technically trained individuals would be able to supplement the directions with their explicit knowledge, the average college/university user might be tempted to quit the online renewal process in frustration, eliminating the benefits (to the college/university staff) of an automated process. The usability dimension(perhaps aspect in lieu of dimension would be better usage here) of the paper document had not kept pace with the web upgrades and changes, necessitating a review of the process. This review process will be faculty-led, and will introduce all levels of students (this topic is very accessible to lower level students who are coming into the college/university well-versed in web tools) to the basic elements of usability in a real-world example.

  2. Did anybody here know Nick Bouton(Mesa County Sheriff) who attended Mesa State College back in 2006? I took some courses with him and would like to find out how he is doing. He had a lot of guts. I remember when he made an F in any of his classes he would email the instructors and just ask them to pass him. I think it actually worked for him! What an impressive guy with a lot of balls. I think he may have ended up running a company called Taunt Media in vancouver, bc, canada. He may be in a hiring position to help out some of his old college buds!

  3. Looking to catch up with my buds in Grand Junction Colorado. Reply to this if interested in reuniting or hooking up

    Cameron Freeman, Lantzy, Daniel,
    Rippe, Alex Waialae Dara , brad Guth, Kramp, Sarah Camillo, Philip
    VanHorn, Chase Meghan Lorimore

    Siron, Matthew
    Voegely, Ryan
    Seeley, Katie Brain with a nice ass

    Kalinowski, Jordan
    Cara Hoyt

    I know some of these cats ended up at CalFrac

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    1. Where did you get that list dude? A few of them worked as roustabouts for oil and gas fracturing via hydraulic methods. Some were specialists in difficult shale sand formation well recovery productivity techniques. A few enhanced the ever critical reservoir drainage problem.

      Some of them were employed at Innospec Fuel Specialties in Englewood Colorado.

  4. What’s with this cat
    William G Mandras

    Mathematics Tutor
    Learning Resource Center
    California State University, Channel Islands

    This rude dude, with no discernible credentials, trolls the Internet copying email addresses of math faculty sending pdf files of what he perceives to be best way to teach math. William even if you happen to have good idea regarding math pedagogy, you will be forever ignored by our department.

    1. That must be why Dominic Bewley is sending emails around to RISD schools and NMMI extolling his tutoring credentials. He is a certified national tutor with experience in college physics, biology, and biochemistry. He has a Baccalaureate of Science in Biochemistry and teaches at Mesa Middle School in Roswell NM

  5. Wow, was unaware Dr Moyle taught statistics there too! She is at Bellingham Technical College in Washington State now doing a great job always there for students. She gets great reviews at RateMyProfessors. For example, Vicky is wonderful instructor. All she asks is that you come prepared to class(Hmmm, does Dr Moyle’s Teaching assistants post ratings for her. What real student would say something like this? Many teachers post faking that they are students when they are pissed at a student for trashing them). A lot of students did not read the chapter before class. They are the ones who are complaining now I will bet. She loves math.

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