Your litter CAN Out You


Litterbugs lose any legal protection regarding expectation of privacy when they dispose of their trash on another’s property.

Such was the case at a friend’s rental property when a receipt to race car driver Wes Snodgrass ended up in a renter’s entryway. The landlord, tired of lowlifes who throw refuse out of their window, posted the Wild Horse Truck & Trailer Repair receipt for fuel filter, oil filter, gear box inspecton, brake adjustment, and oil change online.

Landlord carefully stated nobody is accusing Wesley of necessarily being the culprit as Roswell NM is notoriously windy. My guess is he was driving down  the street with his windows open when the wind whisked the marked paid receipt out of vehicle onto the landlord’s property. Also not certain Mr Snodgrass is a race car aficionado, but who else would spend over $300 for these kind of replacements or repairs.


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  1. Snodgrass competes against high end racing professionals like Don Raser from Maryland, “Slick Rick Baehr from Tennessee, Jon Lowery from Ohio, Ricky Pennington from Alabama, Michael Beard from Ohio, Devin Dudley of Virginia and Kurt Hunnington from North Carolina.

    These guys are all exceptionally honorable folks who would not willfully litter.

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