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1. Your 9-month-old, 18-pound patient has accidentally overdosed on aspirin. Medical direction orders you to administer 1 g/kg of activated charcoal. On hand you have 50 g activated charcoal/250 mL. How many mL would you administer?

Answer: Since you are to administer 1 gram of activated charcoal per kilogram of body weight, you must convert 18 pounds to kilograms by dividing by 2.2 which tells you that the infant weighs 8.18 kg. Now since you have a solution of 50 grams of activated charcoal per 250 mL, you need to multiply the fraction (8.18/50) by 250 mL to get 40.9 mL of the solution administered to the infant.


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    1. Auditor Nancy Young of Moss Adams allegedly caught Roswell ENMU instructors stealing money by overbilling for their teaching services. EMS teachers ken davis, Stacie Nelson, Rodney Ray, and Kathy wells allegedly have been double billing ENMU for years. Other charges of fraud included Being negligent and derilict in teaching students.

      Teachers as a segment of the work force are underpaid, so the allegations may be true. Human nature is to double dip in order to pad the paycheck.
      Thank you RDR reporter Jeff Tucker for excellent piece of investigative work uncovering yet another instance of public funds being expropriated.

      1. James Buchanan , faculty disciplinary committee chairman, along with Enmu instructors Alan Trever,Dawn Wulf, Dallas Pollei, and Yolanda Lopez decided not to fire EMS instructors despite overwhelming evidence to contrary presented by senior manager nancy young of Moss Adams. Attorney Chelsea Seaton is probably proud of herself for exonerating teachers who likely overbilled for services they did not provide including granting EMS certificates to unqualified students.

        ENMU will likely be sued for giving medical certificates to untrained people. Would you want your husband be treated by an untrained medical professionals?

        An independent third-party should’ve been in charge of firing the four instructors.

        1. Allowing a faculty disciplinarian committee to overrule the decision of an independent mediator is akin to letting a convict out of jail based on the views of a parole board or committee of inmates.

          I and Rick Wolfert implore all Roswell residents to NEVER vote in Favor of ENMU in any bond election or fund raising endeavor!!

        2. ENMU student Veronica Ayala was recently appointed to the board of regents along with Susan Tatum and Terry Othick. I hope the new blood will will fight the corruption involving the EMS instructors who stole public money by double dipping. In the mean time follow the lead of Keith Bell by not voting in favor of any Bond elections that fund ENMU programs.

          1. Charles A. Berry of Roswell,NM displayed his ignorance in his letter to the editor of the RDR. A well trained auditor for the accounting firm Moss Adams found that four EMS instructors billed for both teaching classes and being teaching assistant simultaneously. Said teachers also marked students present when they were actually absent. Certificates were issued to people without adequate instruction. The ENMU “disciplinary” committee ignored the judgement of a professional auditor. It should be easy to check payroll records and settle this matter. In the mean time, Doctor Charles A. Berry, at least read the newspaper before you write another non factual based letter. Stick to your profession of counseling the mentally ill which you presumably know something about.

            1. I wonder how much more accounting business Roswell CPA Stacie L. Sexe gets because of the sex in her last name? I know I always scored more with girls in college who had sexual names. We thank her for sponsoring Symphony performer Hye-Jin Kim at free performance.

          2. ENMU-R board votes for tuition increase to help cover the costs of dishonest instructors, I mean to help pay for a new program called certificate of completion in workforce interpersonal effectiveness. You gotta know those certificate of completion programs exact the highest academic rigor possible. We all DESERVE college credit just for showing up.

        3. Tenured professor of humanities Dallas Pollei ENMU questions president John Madden choice to close its theatre. The ENMU top dog did not have spreadsheet data to support his whimsical and despotic choice to shut down campus theater which is financially driven by ticket sales.

        4. Tenured teacher Dallas Pollei denied claims he had anything to do with acts of vandalism at ENMU performing arts center. Allegations about theft of confidential student and employee data have been made. Word on campus is cast members of the little mermaid were responsible for damages. Mr Pollei was involved in exonerating cheating faculty members I think.

  1. How should you treat an unresponsive, uninjured patient with respirations of 16 breaths/min and good chest expansion?

    A: Jaw-thrust maneuver and frequent suctioning
    B: Oropharyngeal suctioning and assisted ventilations
    C: Suctioning as needed and artificial ventilations
    D: Airway adjunct and oxygen via nonrebreathing mask

    D: Airway adjunct and oxygen via nonrebreathing mask

    An elderly woman with COPD presents with a decreased level of consciousness, cyanosis to her face and neck, and labored respirations. Her pulse is rapid and weak and her oxygen saturation is 76%. You should:

    A: insert a nasal airway and give her oxygen via a nonrebreathing mask.
    B: avoid high-flow oxygen because this may cause her to stop breathing.
    C: assist her ventilations with a bag-mask device and high-flow oxygen.
    D: apply oxygen via nasal cannula and reassess her respiratory status.

    I believe the answer is C

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