A Lead in Development


The game of chess has guiding principles and depending on the nature of the pawn structure, rapid development may be a very important consideration when evaluating a position. The diagrammed position you see arose from the Catalan Opening where Black opened the game up a little prematurely which gave White the edge due to his rapid development.

In this ICC chess game with Fjellreven of Norway playing the Black pieces, White, after capturing the pawn at d5 with his Queen,  has a lead in development and a temporary extra pawn. Black’s c8 bishop is still at home. A draw is the most probable outcome, but White has marginally outstripped the second player in development and has all the winning chances.

Incidentally, it would be nice if the country flag that the Internet Chess Club places next to the chess player’s name was identifiable within the ICC Dasher chess playing interface. In many web documents, if one mouses over an icon then there is a caption describing the icon. I had to go to Wiki Flags to find out that Fjellreven is from Norway. Maybe the ICC developers want Dasher to have minimal overhead, but what I described would not be a slow down.

Lead in Development