A Partial Enumerative Review of a Chess Novel


Rather than write a standard review about a book written by a chess playing GM who used to live in Santa Fe, NM, I will enumerate intriguing snippets with or without commentary or observations.

One thing that has always intrigued me when reading the work of any stimulating author is whether the author shares the views of the characters he develops. Lisa’s author Jesse Kraai may prefer not to divulge this type of information maintaining the mystery so as to prop up the sales of future writings which is understandable for any budding author.

Here come the snippets:

  1. The novel’s protagonist Lisa attended a college prep school called Mens Conscia Recti(motto of CPS in Oakland,CA which translates to a mind conscious of integrity I believe). She was bored and unimpressed with students and teachers at this school comparing the students to cattle being fed and led to slaughter.
  2. Lisa is told by a tournament organizer(assistant arbiter) that the late GM Igor Ivanov was fond of conversing with his pieces(Perhaps Chess Psychology author Jonathan Rowson was privy to Ivanov’s predilection?)
  3. Lisa is compared with a Hercules beetle, whose pincers are remarkably disproportionate in size to the rest of the bug’s body, when she incisively and ruthlessly exposes the hypocrisy and shallow ways of the people around her in her journal.
  4. A corpulent tome of mate in twos is lent to Lisa by Ivanov as he grudgingly accepts her as a student despite the fact she an American with presumed lack of appreciation for the Royal Game.  She compares solving these puzzles with “pointless math problems”. I do wonder if the author agrees with the mindset of the unforgettable character he developed regarding plowing through 500 mates in two as part of ones chess education?
  5. “Now she saw that each piece really only acquires meaning as part of an evolving conversation, that the individualism of each piece is clothed with larger, moving patterns” In one word, this pithy and instructional  penned phrase is tantamount to the single term Coordination which is a well established element of the game….Ask Dan Heisman. Moreover, Kraai’s description of piece harmony reminds me of a writing he yielded about the way Josh Friedel sizes up or evaluates a  chess position.
  6. The author’s tendency to issue scatological phrases rather randomly might offend the K through 6 mothers(likely not his intended audience, but the more readers the more bucks!), to wit “intestinal muck” construed as excrement, multiple utterances of “shit”, presence of a “very large human turd” located proximate to where protagonist had sat down to study her teacher’s first assignment. If expletives flow naturally in a story and are necessary to better understand plot line or character development, then fine. It was almost was as if the author was trying to keep his readers awake which was quite unnecessary for an effort that was already quite the page turner for me.
  7. Perhaps this is reaching, but I recall 2 or 3 appearances of the phrase “Polgar girls”. It is unlikely that the protagonist, as I understand her development, would use this phrase as the most common reference is “Polgar sisters” or women to the younger Lisa. So the bone I am picking is “girls” is marginally derisive or disrespectful when the “girls” you are talking about are the best women players in the world or any mature women for that matter. Oh well….enough of the tenuous rant.
  8. Lisa’s life was directionless and empty until the alcoholic Ivanov mentored her. The PHD philosopher author characterized the transformation as an “unambiguous vector” borrowing from the lexicon of physics.
  9. Ivanov opined “White American women make underground system to stop the chess”. Sometimes addict chess players don’t see how aberrant and on the fringe their obsession is viewed by the mainstream. Addict chess players are rarely provident often burdening their families and loved ones with their lack of ambition. Many suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) not realizing the rest of the world could not care less about their obsession with a board game.  Some women see chess as a crucial waste of intellectual energy keeping their husband from utilizing brain in fashion that would produce more income for his family. This is somewhat offset by the quality of the sex after dad has come home from long tense tournament needing a way to liberate volcanic libido provided he did not already do it by himself.



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  1. You could not have read the book completely. The consensus interpretation is Lisa is more attractive as poem about Igor Ivanov than prose about Lisa who I am not sure is a fictional character? I think Jim West of NYC was the first to promulgate that view. I don’t know if Jesse ever acknowledged that poetry interrupted by dialogue was his intended literary scheme.

    1. WFM Uyanga Byambaa, from Mongolia studying economics in US, inspired GM Kraai in the basement of public library and liked Lisa which she stated attracted her interest at a book selling/I mean signing. I think I would be inspired by her just about any place….no basement required.

      She is very intense noting the result of an A player she crushed in open section(Ziad Baroudi) who withdrew and went on to reenter and win the A section. I would love to be part of the process by which she releases after tense chess tournament.

      1. Watched Manuel Leon Hoyos of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico beat up on older more experienced Russian Super GrandMaster chess player. You can feel the tension which needs to be released sexually whether by yourself which is less expensive but more messy OR with another equally horny person who is willing of course to share in the responsibility of cleaning up the the sticky mess!

        Would love for chess player and writer par excellence Dana Mackenzie to opine on this as he pens freely and openly about just about antything. Speaking of Dana, do any of you stay in touch with Wayne Hatcher? I knew him in New Mexico when he would play in Las Cruces I think. Close to expert strength USCF, but at ICC a weak 1400 player. Nice guy and a chess history lover who knows Kasparov.

        1. Daniel Wayne Hatcher is registered sex offender from Florida had his life ruined by nosey police officers. Parks are places for anonymous harmless sex which is all Daniel was doing. He is not a predator. He only waited for horny boys who wanted private oral without their parents knowing.

        2. Wayne played in Albuquerque many moons ago and ended up in Oklahoma with Berry brothers I think. You could contact Tres Roring, Sam Dooley, Cesar Guevarra, Brian McNiece, Silas Perry, Donald Harvey, John Flores, Arthur Glassman, Jeff Csimar, Dante Archuleta, Curtis Cooper. I think those dudes knew him pretty well and might release his contact info if the price is right.

          1. Have any of you ever played ICC handle Nimzowitts? Average strength player who always plays 1. b3 and fancies himself as the modern day torchbearer of the hypermodern school. I CRUSH him over and over and he continues to play the same tired, mindless opening. Nice guy, but outa touch with respect to chess growth.

            Information about Nimzowitts (Last disconnected Thu May 26 2016 02:43):

            rating [need] win loss draw total best
            Wild 1381 [6] 0 3 0 3
            Bullet 1587 [8] 861 1296 44 2201 1919 (04-Apr-2013)
            Blitz 1676 8465 11893 902 21260 2132 (14-Jul-2013)
            5-minute 1205 [8] 8 12 0 20 1205 (15-May-2016)
            1-minute 1322 [8] 3 6 0 9
            3-minute 1572 3158 3083 216 6457 1956 (17-May-2016)

            1: Behold! I carry the flag of the true wizards of chess – The Hypermoderns!
            2: I will beat you with irretreivably ugly moves.
            3: Yes, Nimtzowitsch was right! Overprotection is indeed viable.
            4: Prepare to be drawed to death.
            5: The ‘Do Nothing Life Style of the Hypermoderns is the essence of chess
            6: One must ‘do nothing’ quite well, however.
            7: The Machines do not understand Neimtzowitsch.
            8: I ‘channel’ Niemtzowitsch.
            9: The voices in my head speak to me. Loudly. It’s ok. They know me here.
            10: You laff at me because I am ‘different?’ Hah! I laff at you because you
            are all the same!!

            1. Dont play USA player Zerochill! He as horrible lag in blitz chess. Cool dude, but bad ISP
              EEJ, another weak American player, censors you when you beat him.

              Tumick is a very fast Italian player, but very easy to beat. His play is shallow even for lightning play.

              McChessface is another American punk who “Black disconnected and forfeits” all the time. He moves instantly like a Monkey swinging around a tree in Africa, except much less intelligent than mini APE

              German player Tristramll disconnects in losing position. Not a strong player, but still has massive chess ego

              potoslonam of Russia has horribly slow and unreliable internet connection. He begs for draws when his connection drops. I noplayed him.

              Not sent — darrellmac does not receive tells while playing.

              henry chinaskii canadian player who either works at drug alcohol rehab place or is an alcoholic as is the fate of many chess players.

              Piracio a weak 1200 New Zealand player makes very inferior moves very quickly. Has monkey blood in him!!

              trini3tt a very weak materialistic player from Trinidad and Tobago. He tries to win pawns in opening misplacing his pieces. East to beat

              GarySacco is a United States Player who is above average, but trades down to inferior endings with white pieces. If he grew some balls, he would be a FIDE expert

              dacarrelli an uncharacteristically weak Ukraine player. The former soviet union contingent is much weaker than their international reputation.

              Astudent from Bermuda, Fenton, sonofdad, kefa, jdseemoreglass, divinity(not even God can help this punk), Klask, cowface, deplorableme(inveterate Republican), triggerlips, velvetfog, nasmus, Mrlimpan, PeaHead, longchenrabjam

              Zebbile of Jamaica has a really cool, venerable looking on screen picture with his chin resting in his hand, but alas just another 1500 fish with GM aspirations in the GM Ron Henley coined phrase “booked up fish” This handsome Black man also just loves the ultra aggressive lisitsin gambit.

              ithaka12 living at sea level in the Netherlands lets his time expire rather than resign in blitz chess

              xyro of Ukraine a talented gentleman and uncompromising competitor

              MBroad an average player with a hot temper who prefers to let his time expire rather than resign like a man…..may be gay which is OK

              dessertkid9 playing out of the third world country of the Philippines lets his time expire rather than resign. I like that because it lets me know how frustrated he is over being dominated. Sweeter than strawberry cheesecake dessert!

              DarkNomad of Australia a very natural talent with little book knowledge but vicious middle game ability. Consistent with a primitive black man living off the land.

              NM ChrisWelcome a very intense and truth seeking player, possibly Chris Land of the Houston Sugarland area where the Royal Game is promoted by and popularized in the schools by the legendary Jim Liptrap.

              Italians Fleapaolo and Imbroglio hate each other and always have spririted battle. I think Imbroglio is Italian for horny.

              cosc is a weak 1200 player or so who just memorizes some passive opening with White. Very easy to beat. I think the cat must me some kind of math nerd or trigonometry dude

              Nasos is an aggressive young male from Greece who goes for broke without protecting his King

              stickinsect a friendly chess player who must admire Praying Mantis

              JMSA from Brazil a good sport an very civil for a chess player. In a game infested by FAT egoes who Google themselves just to count the hits, this dapper young man is a breath of fresh air.

              SoftPlay hailing from Croatia is a tough nut to crack positional boa constrictor, obviously, kind of player.

              German Physicist Flukton doesn’t seem to get it is all about strings of particles rather than atoms comprised of particles. With atoms all the confusion about particles spinning within particles has become intractable. Just because something has a name, quanta for example, does not mean it corresponds to anything “out there”. That is probably why Feynman said what he did.

              JeGeS of Cameroon Africa plays like a true hunter of large game…..very aggressive, but in final analysis his premature attacks leave him quite vulnerable if you can survive initial onslaught of spears and arrows! Nevertheless a very contemplative Ape as his ICC image suggests.

              Buscapina of Argentina plays aggressively if NOT irrationally running his h-pawn down the board whenever Black plays g6. Dude, we know the h pawn is the natural enemey of the g6 pawn, but gimme a break MAN. Maybe your rational is that it is bullet chess and winning is the only thing that counts, but you get your ASS handed to you by GM Anarchy all the time. I wonder if the GM really believes anarchy is a suitable or workable alternative to the OBAMA Trump Ego battle the states are having to endure these days? Maybe even Michelle is starting to see that her Black husband has an ego more enormous than our president elect.

              Samir101 from Tunesia Africa begs constantly for draws when he is down on time.

              mcberkay asks for draws repeatedly after a losing blunder rather than resign like a good fish. I torture that punk.

              Xueqiu sleazy, scummy player from China who disconnects in 1 minute chess after being dominated by the likes of GM mhebden of the United Kingdom. The internet has created a subclass of loutish, boorish, cigarette smoking asian chess addicts contrasted with the polite almost timid stereotype.

              How could one not be tamed by the self-effacing humor of iznoogood which no doubt means IS NO GOOD. Humility is half the battle right??!!

              BasicPascalC from the country of Turkey is evidently a computer programmer who coded in Assembly language too I believe.

              ColdCash an imaginative player from the United States of America. Perhaps a gambling addict given his name. Poker players are often excellent chess players as well. Perhaps he is familiar with story of of poker playing prodigy Steven Silverman who unfortunately projected the falsehood just because Silverman had an unhealthy lifestyle playing poker, does NOT mean other gamblers can’t play poker professionally while living a perfectly healthy and otherwise normal life.

              Pritoka hailing from Australia loves playing the spike or 1. g4 with White pieces. He will kick your bloody ass if you try to refute the opening. O’Reilly had a segment about how the Australian military handles deportation of illegal immigrants swiftly and effectively.

              Internet Chess Club player openminded may be by open minded with regard to sexual matters as many chess players are. There is something anal and controlling about playing chess. His posited open mindedness does not translate to the way he plays chess which is very conservative and not willing to take any risks.

              Brazilian chess player danielnobre very intelligent and fair minded competitor sometimes resigning even if he could win on time.

              heramb WIM Bagyashree Sathe Thipsay, India, a very strong and polite female chess player who resigns sometimes rather than suffer through the miserable lag she experiences

              Zygas16, a tough competitor from Poland home of heavyweight boxer Andrew Golota who would kill American boxers and disqualify himself for low blows, will ask for draws when he is behind one minute on clock in three minute game.

              aGoose very unorthodox style of play similar to Michael Aigner who has played in every state in the United States except perhaps Alaska

              Spanish player Bellotari plays weak passive hypermodern, hippopatumus opening.

              I own ICC handle jajaba. We have about the same rating, but I just CRUSH him mercilessly. He plays very loosely in the opening and i PUNISH him time and time again on the clock and on the board! Sweet dominating people who think they are good!! My favorite chess player at there is yopuedocontodo from Mexico who is helluva chess player and cool dude. His name there is I Play With All translated into Ingles.

              szmelcer from Australia is a gentlemen. I wish he live in Texas so bad!! Good man and analyst

              APCalcReturns is a 1350 rated 3 minute blitz player at ICC

              IRageFree very strong principled player. Tough to beat. He is rather predictable often conducting unsound attacks with his h pawn even in 3 minute chess, but a cool cat who would be fun to hang out with!

              Another interesting online chess player is DexterMorgan72, not the Dexter forensic blood spatter analyst who works for the Miami-Metro Police Department as far as I know. Handsome Michael C. Hall who play Dexter, also played a gay bottom in the TV series 6 feet under.

              TomSG(Tom Skovgaard) of Denmark is strong and principled player who NEVER use or give takebacks unlike some of the sniveling whining babies that even ask for takebacks in Bullet or 1 minute chess.

              Mad-Cobra this boy is one helluva blitz player. Was tight with the late Ian Mulholland. RIP

              Tatich always opens with 1. b4 never deviating. As weak as he is one would expect him to essay something new.

              PoisonedPrawn of the Netherlands, another fish, always answers 1. d4 with 1. …. e5?? His rating is usually around 1400 consistent with his weak choice of openings.

              shanev59 from Canada easy to beat. He always sinks his Knight into e5 square after placing pawns on f4 and d4 creating easy weaknesses to play against or e4 and e3 squares. Does not learn from his mistakes Will always be 1300-1400 rating range.

              Daikatana- Travis J. Norman is a USCF expert a little over 2100 who lived in Wasilla, Alaska before retiring in
              Seabeck, Washington. Very Strong player and principled gentleman.

              ICC handle Texas has been an ICC member long enough to get the unaltered name Texas which comes with a certain amount of pressure to live up the reputation of the great state. I mean, he is not Texas123 or TexasTom or some adulterated version….the dude is Texas! I don’t think he lives in Texas because he logs out of ICC at East Coast or Eastern Time in the United States.

              I played a player at ICC who goes by hwr. I used to buy chess equipment from a lawyer named Hanon Russell, but this could not be the same dude because he played 2. …. Qd3 against the Dutch Defense!!?? LOL If it is the same guy, I hope he does practice law in the same suspect fashion.

              PeteGwent of United Kingdom plays the Budapest Defense exclusively and unsoundly sacrificing unjustified amounts of material hoping that one of his “attacks” will accidentally work out. Nigel Short got an acceptable game essaying the Budapest against Karpov in World Championship play.

              damefruta takes it personally when she loses. Hot spanish woman who needs to release some sexual tension

              Has anybody been in touch with Darrel R Hunter of Amarillo, Texas of late. I used to program with this cat long ago. He was strong chess player who essayed a variety of openings effectively and dangerously. He would try to book up against Gary Simms who was by far and away the BEST in the region. Made no difference as Hunter never beat him even in blitz. There is a dude named darrellmac at ICC, but his rating is very low so I doubt its him.

              The self-absorbed and quite weak chess player who goes by MetaGod hails from Norway and is a mere faint shadow of Magnus, but I guess saying you are above a nonexistent spiritual entity is rather vacuous.

              CaptPicard sid pickard- Master chess player who wrote touching remembrance of the Obese NM Jim Gallagher. The main contributor to the Texas Chess Magazine out of Helotes, Texas was/is Selby Anderson who saw fit to publish the effort of the chess tome producing Pickard.

              Aristoteles disconnects rather than resigning making a mockery of the Aristotle moniker he chose. All this time I thought philosophers were supposed to be cool composed and good sports. That little punk.

              StevieMcStiefel is very solid principled positional chess player. One of the reasons he can not break the 1500 barrier is his tactical blindness. He has contempt for grabbing material to a fault. I have seen him turn down an exchange and a pawn just because one square away from the action would be weakened! Good Irish sounding name.

              NoWhining owes his name to the fact that there are many whiners at ICC who ask for takebacks in bullet or 1 minute chess and let their clocks run out rather than resign

              Chilean chess player Sarita plays for sleaze when he is way down on time. For example, a dead drawn rook and pawn ending where he has 10 seconds and his opponent 30 seconds. Sarita will put his rook en prise and hope you do not notice. Sort of the chess equivalent of “I hope you are an idiot”. Actually not a bad strategy in Blitz and bullet chess if you are about to lose on time anyway!

              Amarcord of Austria conducts his King’s Indian Attack like a Maestro. He pimp slaps GrandMasters all the time with that slow buildup.

              I hope DrMath is better at mathematics than he is at chess. Never seen his rating over 1400

              modestog a very weak United States player who does not resign one move away from mate. Fun punishing his weak style.

              Hospopulus of Dominican Republic is another weak 1300 player who plays for draws with the white pieces. Extreme materialist who has no understanding of the relative value of the pieces as described by Jon Rowson in 7 deadly chess sins

              Holylight playing blitz chess out of Antarctica betrays his love of precious light that he misses dearly based on his location at the bottom of the sphere. Most mammals cherish light proving we are nothing but naked apes!

              subterfuge has a rating of around 1380. There is no deception in that low a rating. Perhaps he has not read Emanuel Lasker’s handbook or manual of chess with the famous quote, lies and hypocrisy do not survive on the chessboard. Had subterfuge been a fashionable word in those days, Lasker may have included it in his quote.

              pro-romania is whiner who begs for draws. Very is to beat since he always seeks exchange of pieces. No strategic conception of the game. Laughable. Probably gay based on his playing style.

              ststst345 brings his queen out on Move 2. What a waste of a brain?!!

              toktok begs for draws with the white pieces as early as move 10

              Buckeye22 very principled and solid chess player from Ohio who has disdain for the ICC punks who ask for takebacks in blitz chess. Good man, but Vince Young and the University of Texas Longhorns kicked the shit out of football powerhouse Ohio State about a decade ago at the famous horseshoe shaped stadium in Columbus. We watched every last second of the drubbing put on those arrogant players and fans. So Sweet!

              BPSKAK playing out of Denmark is a sportsman and gentleman playing uncompromising fighting chess with both the black and white pieces

              Hermelijn of Netherlands is a bad sport who lets his time expire after you have beat him to a pulp. Weak player with no character. Fun to DOMINATE HIM!!

              FIDE chess player Claudio Bannach of Brazil asks for draws in dead lost positions and will let his time expire hoping you will accept the BEGGAR draw offer.

              chigato of the United States opens with 1. f3 having utter contempt for memorizing tons of opening theory, but he knows all the nuances of transpositional ideas associated with 1. f3. He actually plays pretty well if he survives the opening, but overall a weak player.

              MaiTaiCassanova has a female picture of sensuous mouth and lips red hot Spanish woman, but is probably just some guy releasing sexual tension in a queer way. There was an instance of a Goichberg Ballys Las Vegas Nevada chess tournament where 21 year old woman beat a good looking male in 21 moves with black pieces. She had crush on him and could sense the stress he was under after losing to a beginner woman. She, in carpe diem fashion, took him to her room tasting large volumes of his semen during two acts of fellatio only thirty minutes apart! More astonishing is he squirted more the second time as she swallowed him like she had swallowed his weak position not one hour earlier. What a turn on!

              YHWH an extremely spiritual chess payer who intersperses biblical scripture with quotes like “My philosophy: As a man thinketh so is he.” and “Sorry NO takebacks. Half of the play is TIME! No hard feelings” He appears to spend at least as much time playing chess as he does reading the bible.

              Solmeakvipbross from Germany is quite the 1 minute bullet player.

              bossdog313 appears to be an African American who in not incarcerated with an exceptionally mean Bullet Blitz game. That boy just puts dem pieces on the right squares with lightning speed!!

              DrunkenStupor, vulnerably, shares his alcohol addiction status with his friends at the internet chess club. Everybody else there is at least addicted to chess.

              MrVitesse Kurt Randeberg Randaberg, Norway is an excellent player and a strong Christian who balances his spiritual life with the Royal Game in a healthy way

              LordoftheBoard, a weak IM from Austria, has an interesting style of running you out of time from inferior positions. He has been accused of cheating in Backgammon tournaments. I think he is an honest chess player and talented at many board games. I am a very proud Texas USA chess player with a winning record against him!!!

              Don’t play szmelcer or any other Australian. Their lag is pathetic! Noplay all Australians in blitz.
              Kenelm Digby has a better connection than most of them drunk down under blokes

              Above average mathematician Jole Cameron. Very solid player. I have his number, but that is more about my disruptive style of play.

              tacticsrock a weak player around 1300 who gets ROCKED by tactical blows routinely!

              Brainy from the United Kingdom slightly stronger than tacticsrock with a 1400 rating, but still easy to grind down routinely

              Dont play gianky59 from Norway or Sweden. Has terrible lag and also weak player around 1350
              orthorhombic, a wannabe math whiz, does not think, playing passive openings with white. I dominate him!!!

              ILoveJesus69 from Thailand appears to love chess much more than Jesus
              Dont play Solube from Uganda. Horrible lag. You can set the milliseconds of lag you will tolerate so he will NOT come up in your game seek
              Weak Italian player Maudevan tries to play like Mikhail Tal, but always gets crushed by other italian players like Imbroglio and Mauresma

              NatiRibstein(IM) an international Master from Israel with around 1500 3 minute rating. Nati Ribstein

              hawksmoor International Master from Canada with incongruously low 3 minute blitz rating of circa 1500. He does not mind losing on time as long as he had the “better position” when he LOST.

              skibum1313 weak player who always brings his bishop to g5. Does not think. Not a good player.

              IWantYourELO a clever guy who must have had a crush on George Michael and I WANT YOUR SEX

              1. We have Blood spatter maestro Tom Bevel to thank for throwing slime ball
                Dan Willoughby into jail for life for brutally slaughtering his wife in Mexico. His alibi involved having his own children walk in on his deceased wife after he beat her and stabbed her. He blamed it on the succubus transgender prostitute he was banging.

  2. I wonder if Jeff Phillips gave Jesse permission to disclose so much personal info? I beat Jeff soundly at tournament in Irvine. He was polite but intensely disappointed on the positional squeeze I administered. My last image of Phillips was him berating an adult who had tried to intimidate a child in a rated game of chess. Jeff will never be mellow despite all the pot he smokes.

  3. Did any of you see the blitz game between Turkish IM Vahap Sanal and Russian GM Aleksandr Rakhmanov where they reached the Bishop versus Rook Ending that is an easy draw? They played on well beyond the 50 move rule. I heard both of them defecated in adjacent bathroom stalls to relax their distended colons after the extremely long time pressure game. Both players, even then, refused to stamp their feet indicating their mutual feelings. I think Sam Sloan has the exclusive video.

    1. I was not aware of the tension and stress experienced by transgenders when they go to male or female bathroom.

      Public bathrooms are loaded with tension for transgender people, who, if they want to use the bathroom designated for their true gender, may be bullied or assaulted for doing so. But using the bathroom of their birth gender is similarly stressful due to resentment for “crossing over”. A school in Thailand solved this problem by offering students a “transsexual toilet,” and gender-neutral bathrooms are becoming commonplace as a way of addressing this issue, having been mandated by law for all new or renovated buildings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

  4. This shit is chess. It is NOT checkers! So said Denzel Washington’s character to Ethan Hawke’s character in the film Training Day where they both played cops going after big drug dealers employing strategy akin to difficult game of chess.

    1. Has anybody heard anything from Eryk Hargrove, USCF chess tournament veteran from Louisiana? I ground him down at tournament in Baton Rouge or Lake Charles. He made excuses after the game and was a sore sport. He is played aggressively in opening, left himself wide open and I completely outplayed him in a Knight versus Bishop ending. He loves being generous with time in post mortem when he wins, but is quite the whiner after the game when he loses. I do appreciate the time he gives to chess organization in Cajun Country. As a side note, A J Goldsby dominates Eryk. Something about the Floridian’s style just messes with his head I guess. Goldsby is not that good but matches up well psychologically against Hargrove.

      1. More insight into the pathologically inflated ego of A.J. Goldsby. He brags about his win against the late Emory Tate at a memorial web page for the late legendary alcoholic IM:

        Emory liked to joke that, if not for him, I might not have ever become a master. After defeating him – in a super brilliant game, (Queen of Hearts, Montgomery, AL; like 1980) — I joked that I would probably tank the rest of the tournament, having gotten in my one usual upset. He grabbed me by my jacket, and said: “Don’t you dare! If you can beat me, you should win this tournament!” I did, and I was always a different player after that. “A.J. Goldsby” Goldsby is different alright!! He never mentions his losses to 1600 players.

  5. By studying his own games Jesse Kraai was able to reach his goal of Grandmaster in 2007 or so the story goes by a nameless author at chessdom.com. Kraai did far more than study is his own games to attain the GM title. Just sayin boys……

    1. Jesse is a true maverick whose philosophy induced his self-made status.

      Contrast this with the pseudo-intellectual drivel promulgated by Bill Vallicella and Bill Tingley who believe they are swimming in deep waters probing the distinction between the terms traditional and natural as it applies to marriage. Please read on and understand many male chess players are latent homosexuals trying hard to appear straight:

      I(Tingley) note you are using the term “traditional marriage” to refer to marriage. Now that the Supreme Court has redefined marriage as nothing more than a civil union, the meaning of the word “marriage” is in turmoil. So we do need a term to mean what “marriage” has always meant until the day before yesterday. Instead of “traditional marriage”, I suggest “natural marriage”. “Natural” more accurately conveys what is essential to marriage than “traditional” does. After all, everything that can be said to be traditional about marriage follows what is natural about it, sexual complementarity. More than that, natural law informs us that the good of sexual complementarity is actualized in marriage. Nor does it hurt that the rhetorical force of “natural” pushes buttons that confuse the Leftists and denies them their knee-jerk response to all that is labeled traditional.

  6. Looking to get in touch with ICC chessplayer cowface. He is a strong bullet player who is even better at poker due to his STOICAL COW FACE. Detroit has chess/poker club that would welcome him!

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