A Patient Reply to Chigorin’s Defense


The alleged historical founder of the Russian School of Chess (GM Dmitry Gurevich and other GMs will tell you there is no such thing as the Russian School of chess….that it is more or less a publicity stunt that is fabricated in chess literature books rather than something that can be chronicled historically)was quite attracted to the following setup against the queen pawn opening. Chigorin sought to pressure the White Center with his horse and maybe set up a quick strike with e5.

A viable consideration for the first player is to keep the impetuous steed at c6 for a while blocking the c7 pawn that invariably attacks d4 attempting ┬áto dissolve White’s center control. Playing e3 aiming for some sort of reverse French Defense might have psychological pluses as Black often likes to play Bg4 intensifying the central pressure with a pin of the f3 Knight.

Every chess player knows that every move has its advantages and disadvantages. In this case, playing e3 blocks the c1 Bishop making it analogous to the bad c8 Bishop in the French Defense, but after e6 or e5 White probably needs the laufer on its initial square to answer Bb4.

Patient Reaction to Chigorin's Defense
Patient Reaction to Chigorin’s Defense

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