A self-immolated Lady


Amaysing59 was amazing in this 3 minute game played at internet chess club, but not amazing in a way any practitioner of the Royal game would choose to brag about. He always essays the Kings Indian in reverse with the white pieces which allows Black to equalize easily in many variations.

Yes, the White Queen burned to the ground on her original d1 square surrounded by Ke1, Be2, Nd2, c2 pawn, and Bc1. The sacrifice Bf2 check left the e3 square weak and available for immediate occupation after Ng4. White egregiously blundered by placing his Monarch on e1 after Ng4 “self-mating” the White Beeeeeatch. Amaysing59 let his time expire rather than resign and requested that game be aborted followed by a draw offer.

The correct Kg1 would have eventually won in a long game after some careful consolidation. Lewis McClary (did seminal work in the Morons Defense)once uttered the infamous, tautological ” things that are different are not the same”. Here the e2 Bishop is normally fianchettoed at g2 which would have provided relief for the entombed horizontally and diagonally ambulating chess piece. According ┬áto some Houston old-timers, McClary is also credited with the dubiously named Moron’s defense. These type of assertions are impossible to validate, but it is something that could have been even soberly declared by the Dave’s Chess Studio resident in Houston. Yes, he received his mail there.

Queen Trapped early in chess opening
Queen Trapped early in chess opening

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  1. Amaysing59 let a lot of time run off his clock facing a mate in 2 against kingscrusher in a 5 minute game at icc. He commonly offers draws in dead lost positions and conducts himself in an immature fashion much of the time. He is quite of fond of young boys and being a strong influence in their growth.

    BTW Fisher Middle School has the best chess organization and promotion in Michigan, if not the entire country!!

    No relation to Pete Nixon the Detroit chess legend who is not a strong chess player but makes up for it with Chihuahua dog temper and his love of spreading our love for the game in schools.

    Parents interested in exposing their children to the positive aspects of chess should consider chess coach Eric Fischvogt who takes a great deal of pride in his craft while charging very reasonable rates.

    1. Amaysing59 is the same guy who asks for take backs in 3 minute chess. He has been noplayed by half of the ICC. His MO is to ask for a takeback after he has blundered in blitz chess. If you don’t grant his takeback, then he will let his time expire without resigning.
      This sort of loutish behavior is quite common among American players it seems. I believe the European ICC players are a tad more well behaved and polite than the typical culturally insulated American player who is still laboring under the erroneous assumption that the United States is the best place in the world.

  2. pasofino a chess player turned lawyer has a great quote in his finger notes at the internet chess club:
    1: Formerly a decent chess player, I am a mere shell of my past self.
    2: In 1978 I gave up all aspirations to play chess for a living and turned to
    a life of crime. I became a lawyer.
    What an honest disclosure of the breech of ethics many lawyers are forced into to practice law!

  3. What a thrill to stumble across the name Lewis McClary who proofread a chess book by Sid Pickard. He was a helluva guy! And, it is not hard to imagine he would come up with such a feckless and coarse name for an opening. I last saw him in Dallas,TX circa 1997. Pickard, who won the Texas State Championship in Waco in 1986, was friends with the San Antonio chess teaching legend Jim Gallagher. Igor Shtern Another big name from that era.

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