Bad King’s Indian Bishop


Chess and philosophy are very natural bed fellows. Some ICC members spend close to 40% of their lives playing chess there. Yes, ICC displays the percentage of your life you spend playing chess in your user profile!

Spinoza, not the Dutch. lens-grinding, opposed to mind-body dualism guy , likes playing the King’s Indian which is a Black opening that literally tries to knock White out in the middle-game. Black bets all his chips on a flank attack hoping to keep the center locked long enough to carry out a commonly sacrificial King side attack.

The price he pays is the g7 Bishop which is usually blocked in by the d6-e5-f4 pawn chain. One of White’s goals is to survive the middle game and head to a better ending which is what happened the following game. After the dust had cleared White was left with a Knight versus Black’s lost in space f8 Bishop. White’s King easily penetrated on the light squares and mopped up in a risk-free fashion.

BTW, I don’t think there is any record of Baruch showing any interest in chess. He died of a lung ailment at a relatively young age that may have been caused by the fine glass dust liberated by his occupational grinding.



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