Better King, Better Bishop, and Better Pawns

Superior Bishop and King

In the above chess position reached in a blitz game played at the ICC, White is winning due to his more centralized King, better Bishop, and less vulnerable pawn structure. Ugalabugala, from Finland , played a Nimzo Indian defense with the Black pieces.

After the middle game smoke cleared, Ugalabugala  was left with a very puny, indefensible a6 pawn and had to be quite concerned that all his pawns would end up fixed on light squares which further limits the mobility of his bad bishop and increases the vulnerability of his immobilized pawns.

Blitz games are typically quite sloppy affairs with more blunders than good chess moves, but Black is losing the above position even at the scrutiny level of postal chess. Why play Blitz chess? Fast time controls gives one a chance to become more familiar with a wider variety of openings and be more prepared for USCF tournaments.

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