Emmanuel Lasker Knew About Justice


Emmanuel Lasker wrote at length about justice in his Common Sense book as it relates to chess. In the following 3 minute game played at ICC, Goriscamp had played passively but solidly with the white pieces. He bailed out to an ending where the pawn count was the same at 6 for both players. However Black had two pawn islands versus 3 for White in this ending that arose from the Dutch Defense where White places his Knight at h3.

Black had the initiative the entire middlegame, but could not crash through. White’s bailout move which led to the exchange of the last two minor pieces is what produced his untenable pawn configuration. As you can see ¬†Black will be able to create an outside passed pawn, but would prefer to do that only after White’s queenside pawns have been lured forward and made more vulnerable(one of Dan Heisman’s chess elements). After the White Monarch is pulled away from the queenside, Black’s King will ingest the White QS pawns leading to a leisurely win.

Black never got to do this as Goriscamp is one of those ICC players who just lets his time expire rather than resign like a principled human being should. This is the internet equivalent of of pouting and crying and actually makes the win that much more satisfying.

Indeed, the justice that Lasker wrote about prevailed in this game between weak players and I hope that he would have agreed with this. Finally, the Jim West chess blog has some instructive stuff on transforming middle game advantage to an endgame win. I wish James would fix the broken chess diagrams on his site. So much excellent analysis accumulated over such a long period of time wasting away at a site that hosts for free. He  needs to monetize the site for an endless stream of passive income at a place like Ipage. Also please go over the game where West eviscerates a guy who played 2. g4 against the Dutch!

At the risk of overstating the valuable resource aka THE Jim West chess blog, please check it out as he plays as much as Jay Bonin at the Manhattan Chess Club and posts to his blog daily. This effort by a strong player, who chooses not to monetize his web site, provides a voluminous aggregation of instruction, chess happenings, and history.

Very concrete example of too many pawn Islands being fatal in a chess ending
Very concrete example of too many pawn Islands being fatal in a chess ending

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  1. Have any of you icc chess players ever played with ststst345? The guy whines and cries like my daughter every time I beat him. He disconnects in losing positions and censors or noplays everybody who does not agree to a rematch. He brings his queen out way too early and does not grasp chess principles.

    1. IM Danny Rensch is a good guy, but needs to say less in his utube videos. His analysis of Karjakin Carlsen was painfully slow. Advice Danny: Run through the game quickly without talking at ALL. Then go back through it slowly. Thank you. Is Karjakin pronounced like CAR JACKING?

  2. Long ago a guy named George Chressanthis was an economics professor and an A rated chess player at Texas Tech in Lubbock. I think he ended up in Mississippi. He was friends with many of the strong players in Amarillo like Jerry Huntington. Was a good guy who was always willing to lecture anybody in any field of knowledge.

    I think he may have legally sold drugs for a few years and then returned to teaching ECO again.

    1. I took economics from Doc Chressanthis at Temple University. He gets slammed at anonymous site RateMY Professors which makes me wonder if he wrote this:

      I don’t understand the negative comments. George is a great guy and a very experienced professional in this field. I took all the advice I could from his lessons and find it useful. He has a TON of contacts in the business world and brings in industry professionals to speak. Take his class – you won’t regret it.

      Being a “great guy” and a good teacher ARE TWO QUITE DIFFERENT THINGs. It is almost like the arrogant wormy little punk is saying take my class and I will hook you up with somebody influential who will get you a job!

      His credentials are Pharmaceutical sales, Brand to generic substitutions, Pharmaceutical business performance. So he helps BIG PHARMA profit by selling unnecessary drugs to people. What kind of academician is this guy?

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