Exploiting A Lead in Development


The following position played in blitz game at ICC is what a math nerd might refer to as a reductio ad absurdum example of better development in a chess game winning out over extra material. The winning idea is not hard to see here, but one knows a winning move must be contained in the position because of Black’s huge lead in development!

Seregakz, a strong chess player who sometimes plays too fast even for blitz chess, has an extra pawn with Black to move. Seregakz has just played Qd6 begging for a trade of Queens so he will be a step further towards converting his material advantage. Pawn grabbers would be shaking in their boots at being a pawn down, but the key to this position is to observe that White is fatally behind in development. Note the c1 Bishop and the a1 Rook are on their original squares.

What move should Black play that would force White to tip over his King? Rd8 for Black picks up a Queen for the price of rook and it is the second player’s material advantage that will prevail in this Royal Game.

Some practical advice: If you are ahead in development at the expense of some material, Search and Search and Search for a combination that turns the game in your favor because it is probably there! BTW reductio ad absurdum is Latin for Reduce to an absurdity.

Material Versus Development in a Chess Game



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