Good Knight Versus Bad Bishop Stonewall Dutch Defense


The many diehard adherents of the Stonewall Dutch defense voluntarily make their c8 bishop a very miserable piece right out of the chess opening by placing pawns on the light squares c6, d5, e6, and f5. One of White’s goals is to steer for a good Knight versus Bad Bishop ending which is what happened in the following rapid game played at ICC.

Black’s Bishop at d7 has a very bleak future in view of the fact the e6 pawn is being attacked by the well placed White steed at d4. Black has blocked off the queenside which means White’s best chance of converting this positional squeeze is to open one of the kingside files trying for a decisive Rook penetration.

There have been a number of GMs who have essayed the Stonewall Dutch including Super GM Kramnik and American GM Dmitry Gurevich. Gurevich, I believe, dropped the defense and replaced it it with the more reliable Slav defense where the c8 bishop is not trapped behind the pawn chain, BUT at the expense of a little less pawn influence in the center.

Very Bad Bishop Stonewall Dutch Defence

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