Grabbing a pawn can ruin all the positional advantages you have worked so hard for


Birder, from England, has just won a pawn which nets him a passed a pawn. However, doing so opened up the highway to hell also known as the b-file which gives White the double tactical themes of pinning and trapping the Black Queen after the powerful Qc8 which threatens Rb7 pinning the Black Lady to the King. Some Black ladies may enjoy that kinda thing but not in a chess game. Kh6, trying to avoid the aforementioned, traps the Queen on an open board also with Rb7!

Black effectively deactivated his rook by greedily snatching the pawn which temporarily gives White play that is equivalent to being a rook up. There appears to be salvation with Qf8 when Rb7 is answered with Kg8 and White can ingest the c6 pawn with the better position.

I don’t know why so many chess players are so willing to give up any advantage they may have achieved over the last 2 or 3 hours for a greedy pawn grab that will throw it all away. Position versus Material is the age old dichotomy in chess and perhaps life.

MICHAEL GOELLER has a chess blog which has a nice article that astutely and instructively covers Queen and Rook endings. I just wish he would quit being so penurious and pay for his own blog space rather than that free blogger platform he uses. You can get decent web hosting for around 3 dollars per month! Do it Michael!

David Smerdon, proprietor of Chess Vibes, has perhaps the best chess blog with honest, chess-promoting content. His site is always up with fast page loads. Are you listening Michael? Give your content the presentation medium it deserves. I mean how many hours have you spent writing and revising all your chess content?!

Some of my favorite ICC chess players are fredthemoo,Lovechess, Mmmmbeer, Leeoro, Opaloid,palojanik, Imbroglio, CapLazaro, ChessNightmares,

letox lizard735 loveandpeace LynMir
lavezzi22 letriflutiste lizardfish LOVEBIZARRE lynne
LAVHMRPS letsbbq Lizaveta loveche55 lynoli
lavianknight Letscho Lizbeth  lynxblanc
Laviathan letsdance lizfer23 lovechess95129 LynxLynx
laVie-enrose LetsDoBattle lizvictoria1997 Loveday LynyrdSkynyrd
Lavir LetsGoOs Lizycya LoveForChess Lyon
lavleo67 Letsgowhitesox lizz7 lovehandle Lyon04
Lavrik1 LetsMate

SunGlasses1089, and Marita. These are all first class people who never whine or cry after they lose or disconnect or noplay you for not giving them a rematch. Yes there are some ICC players who have such inflated egos they will censor and noplay if you refuse a rematch.

Oh yeah, I can not forget my bud jehraqbart who is an excellent bullet chess player. Not quite as good in 3 minute chess. Also Tactifry, a science fiction book writer, likes to make “random moves” as indicated by the Latin meaning of his ICC hanlde: Tactifry is derived from the latin Tactifrius , meaning to move pieces in a random fashion. I have seen him beat much stronger players simply by playing a sequence of inferior random moves that wrecked his opponents sense of well being in some opening they had memorized.

Was winning a pawn really worth all this trouble?
Was winning a pawn really worth all this trouble?

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  1. There are some grown men who are real cry babies at ICC. SteveKraz99 disconnected on me one move from mate about a month ago. It may be the same police officer Steve Kraz in Bethlehem,NY(Albany) who gave my cousin a silly ticket for being 4 mph over.

    1. I DOMINATE Steve in blitz at ICC. I handcuff him over the chess board. He is so weak….he always forces you to play til mate. Noplayed him for about 4 months. Undid that because it is so fun crushing him and his inflated ego.

        1. BigInJapan, playing at internet chess club from Norway, cheats in blitz chess. He plays exact opening theory gambit lines against all King Pawn defenses. In general, he plays ultra sharp moves over and over that only a CHEATER using ELO 2900 software would find. Poor pathetic person. Probably lives in the basement of his mother’s house around 35 years old with traces of teen age acne. hahahha

        2. Did you hear about book written by grandmaster of chess Damian Lemos titled why club players get stuck in the 1500-1900 fide rating range? It is no secret that range has the most USCF players with around 35%. If the most populous range had been 1400-1800, Lemos would have titled book correspondingly. Everybody sells out at some level.

        3. I am trying to find an old buddy Brian Benson
          Indianapolis, United States.

          We studied Froms Gambit together during a tough period in my life. He loves playing f4 and f5 Dutch defense. we bonded and he was always there for me. are u out there somewhere dude? Hope life is treating you well!!

    2. Krasnick is a very aggressive player at Internet Chess Club frequently playing unsound sacrifices even in blitz as though to cover up for his weak theoretical understanding of chess. He plays very fast trying to run you out of time, but his moves are so suspect that you can be a minute behind him on the clock and still CRUSH him! I just hope he does not practice the same aggressive weak practices as a police Sergeant.

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