Greed Punished in Chess


The scandal associated with excessive greed at Enron Corporation in Houston, TX will never escape the memories of alert Americans. Who could possibly forget their chief financial officer who put an obscure looking formula on the board which nobody understood, including him, and told all in attendance that his understanding of the mathematical equation would lead to huge financial gains.

This type of rampant avarice at Enron was eventually punished and the wrong doers were fired, fined, and even incarcerated. Much of the greed that goes on in the real world is unpunished, but the greed that transpired over the chess board in the following game played at the internet chess club was swiftly and harshly reprimanded.

DrA2 is the ICC handle of the chess player, playing with the White pieces, who tried to gang up on the f7 square with his e5 Knight, c4 Bishop, and b3 Queen. He is trying to win material before castling in an open position which is the first hint that he is either drunk or just a weak chess player. One of the ways to obtain a winning position for the second player is to sacrifice the exchange at f7 while keeping White’s monarch stuck in the center where the Black pieces will swarm and execute!

Many loners are attracted to the game of chess because of their desire to live in a reality where justice always exists and impatience, lack of planning, and greed can be exposed and punished.


Greedy Chess player pay the price
Greedy Chess player pays the price

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  1. Thanks to Kinnelon, NJ chess player Mark Wieder for exposing JOHN R HARTMANN.
    Hartmann, a low rated A player in the USCF, criticized Active Pieces written by a much stronger player named Jay Bonin. Hartmann appears to have use Komodo chess program to find a few tactical errors in the venerable IM’s excellent book. Hartmann was too clueless to even get that Bonin’s work was about chess psychology rather than using chess engine to find the “Best Move” which is quite a dishonest and shallow activity for someone who fancies themselves as intelligent as Hartmann apparently does.

    Wake up John! Jay outrates you by 500 points. Translated: You are weak at chess and your opinion does not count.

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