High Quality Passed Pawn in Queen and Pawn Ending


In the following Queen and Pawn ending played in a blitz game at the ICC, Black had just greedily grabbed White’s a2 pawn which left Black with two extra pawns. This position is a classic example illustrating having two extra pawns is not the same as “being ahead” 2 extra pawns. As you can see, the high-powered StockFish chess analysis software, which is free of charge at the internet chess club, shoots to a winning evaluation for White after Black ill advisedly grabbed the button at a2.

Black’s vulnerable King compared to White’s safe King as well as White’s soon to be very mobile c pawn spell victory for the first player! A well known chess rule of thumb states that it is not the quantity of pawns BUT the quality of the pawns that matters in pure Queen and Pawn endings.

White’s soon to be passed c pawn exudes quality and will march unimpeded down the c file to produce a second lady.

Extra Pawns May Not Count in Queen and Pawn Ending

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  1. Has anybody read the ultra informative article titled Rethinking the Chess Pieces by Andy Soltis? It is too cluttered with advertisements at http://www.scribd.com/ to read, but the part I loveed was his illuminating attempt to quantify the values of the pieces viz a viz that value of pawn in various types of positions rather than the blanket 1 point for pawn, 3 points for Bishop and Horse, 5 for Rook, and 9 for Queen. Very well done piece by the writer who produced the magnum opus – The Art of Defense in Chess.