Hot Tempered ICC Online Chess Player


Jim Webster would not have been very proud of his country man with the odd online chess handle of pantsaretrapped. As you can see in the diagram below, white disconnected and forfeited rather than allow the King and Queen Mate on the f7,g7,or h7 squares.

All and all, players of the Royal Game from Scotland are gentlemen and good sports, but pantsaretrapped quit like a coward not having the guts to face the checkmate he deserved for playing so weakly.

Strong chess players and excellent ambassadors of the game from that region include GM Paul Motwani,
GM Matthew Turner, and IM Stephen Mannion. Clement Sreeves is weaker than members of this group, but is still higher ranked than 99% of USCF players in the United States.

Denizens of Scotland were among the kindest folks I ever met while visiting the Edinburgh Castle in the most northerly part of the United Kingdom.
Online Scotland Chess Player a Poor Sport


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  1. Speaking of HOT, have any of you played Women’s IM Maria Belen Sarquis at ICC(cesmita)? God, she is sexy and a talented chess player also! Brazilian and Argentina women are known for their love of alternate forms of sex based on the shape of their rump. I wonder if they like hooking up after a stressful game of chess with all that tension to release?

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