No Hints given in this Tactical Chess Ending


I don’t want to give any hints either in the title of this post or in the body of the post for this interesting chess position where Black has a pawn for the exchange and appears poised to create a blockade that should lead to a draw.

Paquetazo, hailing from Argentina essaying a stonewall Dutch defense, had offered draws on five or six of the previous ten moves. If White does not act quickly, no action by the first player can prevent the arrival of the Black Prelate at the d5 square creating an unbreakable blockade.

However, with White to move, a resource which evaded this kibitzer will win in spectacular fashion! The two players at the Internet Chess Club both missed the idea and the game ended in a draw by repetition of position which once by the grace of Bobby Fischer’s photographic memory saved the half point for the Jew Hating dead American.

See if you can find the obscure win for White before the blockading minded Bishop parks his tired ass at d5. The solution can be found underneath the diagrammed position and I beg you to spend some time on this one enjoying your personal discovery of the beautiful and forcing solution!






Winning Idea: Get rook to d6 threatening capture at g6 allowing a jettison of the h6 pawn to its Queening square at h8!


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