One Bad Piece does a Position Make


I can’t remember which chess pundit is credited with the quote One bad piece Equals One bad position. Probably many great chess thinkers and teachers have said something similar and ALL good chess players know its true. The following position is an excellent example of this well know dictum.

UltimateR3cruit( USCF player Johnny Allen) was handling the black pieces and chose the Dutch Defense. Based on the picture you see, he may be incarcerated based on the orange looking prison jump suit which he appears to be donning. Prison allows for extreme introspection and philosophizing and their chess players are very dangerous in the chess sense(maybe the raping your daughter sense too). Many of them play very unorthodox openings, but will maul you in the middle game if they survive the initial phase of the game.

However in the diagrammed position, you will observe Black’s d7 Bishop is already a losing disadvantage. White was threatening mate at h7 when black impetuously played g5 which defends h7 and keeps strong pressure down the f file. So g5 superficially looks like it might hold up, but the careless inmate missed White’s strong replay of f4  with the aim of deflecting away the defender of the h7 mating square.  Also the pawn move  efficiently activates White’s f1 Rook.

Black Bishop at d7 a major to losing handicap in this chess position
Black Bishop at d7 a major to losing handicap in this chess position

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  1. Was mildly offended at the Eddie Wyckoff column in Chess Life magazine. Coach Wyckoff is employed by Learner’s Chess Academy in Albuquerque NM. He arrogantly states that “coaching matches are nothing more than picking up hanging pieces”. In his published game against student Timoth Johnson, he starts from easily winning position, plays a “brilliant move” and then pines about how his chess playing program found the same move.

    Not a single element of what constitutes being a good coach was included in his article, only a self-promoting display of inflated ego by a USCF A player who is trying to sell a book!

    His condescending language towards his students is unbecoming for somebody who is paid to coach, not brag. He could have easily written an article about how his coaching has lead to measurable improvement for one of his students.

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