Playable Exchange Sacrifice


United States Player tranquilitylane is a 3 minute chess addict at the Internet Chess Club, the brainchild of developers Michael Moore and Richard Nash. One of the coolest members of ICC is a young Philadelphia IM with a handle of Curtains because he plays lights out chess. Yes, Greg Shahade, who has a famous chess playing sister who wrote about the bitch element of our beloved game, is an international master with enormous talent who used much of his ability to earn a decent living rather than live in poverty or be beholden to weaker players who happen to be chess benefactors. Greg used to win large sums of money from gambling addict poker playing friends. I think he even did video where he started without a Rook and beat a weak chess playing world series of poker player.

Weaker players than Shahade also were chess mercenaries, being fully aware of the unrealistic elevated egos of world class poker players(world series of poker-the diabetic Ken Smith comes to mind) believing they could actually beat above average USCF players.

So back to the exchange sacrifice. Black has invested a lot of time attempting to cramp the first player. So if White rips off the Black Horse at f6 with his f1 rook, then the d5 and e4 pawns come under siege. An old chess adage indicates that two mobile center pawns is usually worth more than being down the exchange. I bet the ICC legend would corroborate the validity of the “sacrifice”. Once dem center pawns get to rolling, it would definitely be lights out for the Black pieces.

Gregory Shahade,poker,and exchange sacrifices


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  1. The book you mentioned was titled chess bitch by Jennifer Shahade. A tad too sensational a title in my view. Oh well, a girl has got to sell her books some way I suppose. She was very close to the late alcoholic GM Wojciechowski. I don’t know if she ever settled down and got married, the 2.4 kids, picket fence, watch dog….

  2. ICC player ABottleOfSmoke has to be a philosophy major who also believes in the resurrection AND an abortion HATER based on his finger notes at the Internet Chess Club.

    One thing I do know about this online chess addict is that when he is playing 3 minute blitz/bullet, he converts from spiritualist to a sabage trying to CRUSH his opponent

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