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What on God’s green earth could the term Premove mean and shouldn’t it be hyphenated? All joking aside, the term Pre-Move is allowed in blitz chess at the ICC. A Pre-Move theoretically should use no time, but I believe it may use circa 0.3 seconds as compared to the fuzzy one second required to move your mouse making a move more conventionally.

DeepBlueSteel playing out of the Netherlands, whose flag enjoys the same colors as the United States flag, believes Deeply in Pre-Moving as you can see in chess diagram. Why else would he place his c8 Bishop on a square  that was double attacked by Queen and Bishop?

I can tell you why. DeepBlueSteel anticipated  White playing Nf3 whereby Black would try to get an iron grip on the d4 square which the pinned White Horse attacks.

Pre-Moving is a weapon and a double edged one that one can cut your opponent or yourself. Black cut himself today resigning after White ingested the free minor piece 6 moves into the opening.

I had to censor a very immature American player a few days ago for asking for a takeback after he walked into a King Queen fork consequent to an impetuous Pre-Move. His actions almost define the term Punk. He berated me for not giving him the move back and I insulted him ,referencing the size of his balls, for not being accountable and responsible about his Pre-Move toy.

Oh well, what grown men will do when their wives are at work.

PreMoving a chess piece when playing online
PreMoving a chess piece when playing online

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