Rook and Pawn Ending arising from King’s Indian Defense


Many ICC blitz chess addicts just love the King’s Indian Defense because they invariably get a King Side attack which is quite valuable in a 3 minute game with no increment. Charybdis, playing out of Germany, strongly advocates the KI Defense and plays nothing but that uncompromising opening as far as I know. He must be a Sting/Police fan and the song Wrapped Around your Finger which is effectively a song about a guy obsessed with a woman making him feel he his caught between the mythological Scylla and Charybdis.

Now to the common obsession of chess where in the following double rook and pawn ending, Black appears to better owing to his protected passed pawn on the d5 square. White has an unprotected passed pawn on d6 and pressure on the e file.

At first glance, the d6 pawn appears to be weak and a liability. However, it turns out that White, even with his more dispersed pawn structure, is winning. Also the White Monarch can blockade the d5 pawn if it decides to jettison. Black’s distant King and weak pawns at g6 and h6 give the first player a winning advantage along with the weak b7 pawn.

This position is an exception to the rule that the side with fewer pawn islands stands better AND proves concrete analysis always trumps general rules.

Is this passed pawn weak or strong?
Is this passed pawn weak or strong?

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  1. There is guy at ICC who professes to be a leading resource on the Polish Opening or 1. b4. His handle is Rbeast . I beat him frequently by playing e5 and just outplaying him. I don’t get why he obsesses on that particular opening. Not very enterprising. I have played him face to face in Rhode Island events. Nice guy.

    Another player with the handle SansTheory with a sideways picture of a handsome Black man must be familiar with the work of Emily T. Simon who researched ancient civilizations that were excellent in engineering and design without being familiar with mathematical theory or physics. I think Sans means without. Take a course from professor Mark Schiefsky on this fascinating revelation about old civilizations who accomplished much without the advantages of today’s scientists and engineers!

    SansTheory does without theory at ICC by playing 1. … e5 against 1. d4. I beat him easily most of the time. I wonder if he likes white girls in tight volleyball shorts?

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