Shereshevsky Could have used This Chess Position in his Book


In the following blitz game played at the internet chess club, White played insipidly in the opening and allowed Black to enter a pure King and Pawn ending with a protected passed pawn.

Black’s  “advantage” is offset by White’s healthy, uncompromised 4 to 3 queen side majority. In the diagrammed chess position Black , too casually, played Ke7 adhering to the  chess end game principle that King Centralization is usually a good thing. Shereshevsky, in his wonderful magnum opus Endgame Strategy, states that Centralizing your King in a pawn ending is never bad but only inopportune! Former Floridian and Houstonian Miles Ardaman was/is an exponent of Shereshevsky’s lucid exposition. Many Houston chess players learned a lot from Mick Bighamian, William Reuter, and Dr. Ardaman back in the 90s in the days of Dave’s Chess Studio.

It turns out that concretely speaking, Black needs to play prophylactically (this is the Nimzowitsch term for preventively ; if you don’t believe me, just have a seance with Aron…. Perhaps Edward Winter can set it up for you)  with the pawn move b5 to prevent White from creating a stable pawn duo at c4 and d4! So in Shereshevsky’s own words, Ke7 was inopportune and b5 was the much better substitute.. In blitz chess one often plays on principles due to the obvious time constraints associated with rapid chess.

Also note that it appears White might be able to win with the idea of Ke2 followed by g3 with the intent of gobbling up Black’s protected passed pawn at e3. This would lose or fail to fg, Kxe3 and f4 attempting to deflect the White King away from the passed g3 pawn!

Pawn Ending Where Immediate Centralization of King is a Blunder!

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