Smothered Mate Dutch Style


I have always had the highest regards for newspaper managers, editors, and publishers. What a difficult job with daily interminable deadlines! The Managing Director of Amsterdam Press, former or present, probably has very little time to play chess and achieve the level of proficiency that he might be seeking.

A Netherlands player with the ICC handle janpeterwissink was on the wrong side of a smothered mate where a solitary American Horse delivered the fatal blow to a Monarch surrounded by his own men!

Dutch Player Crushed by Smothered Checkmate

Irony abounded as the American Player essayed the Dutch Defense against the overworked newspaper man. In the diagrammed position, it is game over after Nf2 check, Nh3 DOUBLE CHECK. Queen g1 and Knight hopping back to f2 mating the piece congested White King!


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  1. Did you see the Chess Life piece by GM Andy Soltis where he lamented not saving a voice male from our Savior Donald Trump? The column was about the best move the former New York Post writer ever made which was a stunning attraction sacrifice luring Canadian Duncan Suttles Knight offsides. This was at the price of temporarily dropping the exchange in return for ripping open the center with Nxe5 eyeballing a hanging Black Rook at h8 and activating everyone of the ART OF DEFENSE author’s men. Andrew is ONE HELL of a chess writer and truth seeker!!

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