White Stuck With Bad Bishop in Advance French Defense


In the following blitz game played at the internet chess club, it is White who is stuck with the bad bishop. This is noteworthy as it is usually Black who is saddled with a bad c8 bishop in French Defense. An old Russian chess adage states that the worst Bishop is better than the Best Knight, But that adage must have become popular before the diagrammed position had been reached!

The position arose from an advance variation of the French Defense where White loses a little time erecting what he hopes will be a suffocating pawn center. Black has many ways of attacking the c3 d4 e5 pawn center including the very standard f6 pawn move.

Despite Black’s weak looking pawn structure, he is completely winning as White is all bottled up and gasping for air. Black’s hegemony on the a file has been adequately defended by the first player.

White’s d2 Bishop is miserably inferior to the Black Knight at d5. However, the anemic Laufer does protect White’s vulnerable c3 pawn. One winning method for the second player is to play f6 and open the f file. This will allow the Black rook to decisively invade down the f column where White has many weak pawns and squares.


Middle Game Where Knight Superior to Bishop