A Fundamental Question about Blood Clot Filters


Just watched a commercial paid for by the Robert Arentz Law Group offering legal defense for those harmed by IVC Filters which were medically designed to filter out blood clots.

According to the TV advertisement, some of these filters have broken or fractured in patient’s body which led to the piercing of organs and blood vessels.

Even more alarming the implanted medical device can become lost in your body making it impossible to remove. Also it can tilt, rendering it dysfunctional, making it an infection prone foreign object in your body.

   Isn’t filter maintenance an issue when the Filter is in vein near your Kidneys?

I am not a doctor, but the idea of implanting a blood clot filter in a human body presents at least one intractable problem in my eyes. Let’s say the device catches a would be blood clot. Every filter I am familiar with has to be cleaned or replaced which is not exactly a simple task for something surgically placed in your body!

Of interest is “What does IVC filter stand for?” The Inferior Vena Cava is the largest vein in the body. The filter is placed in the IVC  below the kidneys in an attempt to catch an embolism or a blood clot that has broken off from a deep vein in the leg.



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