A Key to a Free car Or is It?


We received a key in plastic snail mail casing from Krumland Toyota in Roswell NM to their low end vehicle called a Versa. It was one of many keys sent out in the area, only one of which is the winning key. I am guessing it costs them at least $5 per mailing and they probably send out around 500 of them.

Do you realize how stupid Krumland must think the average Roswell citizen must be to be suckered in by a promotion like this? As you can see from the pic, one has to go to dealership to see if their key is the winner? This, of course, is an opportunity to put put a price gouging salesman in contact with an ignorant car buyer who is just looking for a “low monthly payment”.

Maybe only one fourth of people who receive this born of desperation advertisement, actually fall for it. So if there is actually a winning key being mailed out, it will end up in the landfill.

Do be aware of the commonly practiced deception by car salesman to inveigle customer into focusing on a low monthly payment. We had close friend who was buying a car for his daughter. They traded in their Camry and were surprised at the super low monthly payment they got.

So they drove off the lot with brand new car and realized the financing was 72 months which was only reason payment was low. They got $7500 on trade in(2015 vehicle) for car they still owed $16000 on!  A minor dint and bad windshield wiper apparently caused the pathetically low trade in. ONLY the “low monthly payment” was mentioned during closing. Neither the salesman or finance manager said squat about the puny trade in amount. I know I will never set foot in that dealership as this not the first unbelievably negative story I have heard about them.
Free key to new car


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  1. OMG, you just brought back my worst nightmare! OMG, I am sorry, but am happy to know it did not just happen to me. We had our heart set on Prius at Roswell Nissan. The salesman seemed to be a nice honest guy but when it came back from financing our monthly payment was $150 more than he said it would be. He said our credit score was messed up which made interest rate higher so our monthly payment went from 380 dollars to 550 dollars! I do not remember his name except he said he used to be farmers insurance agent. OMG we spent like 3 hours there stressing on whether we were going to get the car. My Boyfriend was pissed. We are heading over to Texas to look for better deal. I can not recommend the group in Roswell. I checked my credit score and it was not that low. I dont think you can trust them! OMG OMG

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