A Roswell, NM Wholesaler’s Sneaky Advertising


Roswell Daily Record writer Jose Mike Jimenez did everything but name Southwest Cash & Carry as the deceptive advertiser in his consumer advocate article in the Saturday edition of the newspaper.

The retired ENMU instructor’s grievance was about the 59 cent per dozen egg advertisement posted by the wholesaler. Jose was informed, only after he entered the store, one had to purchase 15 dozen to avail of the exceedingly low promotional price. He expressed his disdain to some of the store personnel who openly divulged the chicanery was to dupe folks to walk in the front door of the establishment across from the much more prosperous Burrito Express.

I want to the thank the RDR for making it easy to read its fine newspaper from hotel rooms all over the world and the US. All I had to do was answer a few questions about age and profession to read the online caveat emptor article penned by an irate consumer, all from the comfort of a Houston,TX Starbucks!

Mr Jimenez, I do understand your indignation, but morality is related to your station in life. I gather you live on a fixed income. I suspect your view would change if you owned Southwest Cash & Carry.  Advertising is inherently deceptive. So there you go Jose; I exposed them for you even though you provided sufficient identifying information in the city tribunal to get evil stares if you ever set foot in the place again. Salud!



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  1. Your boy, Jose Jimenez, who was pissed at Southwest Cash & Carry for false advertising, voted for Hillary Clinton.

    Move to Santa Fe Jose. Roswell voted overwhelmingly for Trump. You lost boy! Quit your sniveling and whining in our newspaper.

  2. September Bosch resoundingly supports the view of Jose Jimenez regarding city beautification and cleaning up drug paraphernalia underneath Main Street spring river bridge.

    Bosch does not appear to realize Roswell is infested with dirt poor people who steal and beg rather than work. Ask any Roswell landlord about this!

    Yes there are many pollution belching loud cars here, but if you suspend their license, then the street and home invasion crime will increase.

  3. Jimenez is confused about the meaning of the term liberal. He boasts of being proud to be labeled as liberal and yet denounces Obamacare. Maybe it was because he paid so much of his ENMU instructor’s paycheck into Blue Cross Blue Shield or Lovelace or whoever and got tired of his hard earned dollars paying for the health care of illegal alien emergency room visits.

    The pardoning of the Arizona Sherif by TRUMP was completely justified keeping undocumented workers from illegally crossing the border bloating our schools and health care services with people who don’t pay taxes working under the table.
    Yes, Jose you probably looked exactly like one of these wetbacks that day in your youth, on your way to San Antonio, where white people did not serve you breakfast in the empty diner. I mean, you do not look exactly like an American Marine.

    1. Jose Mike Jimenez, like many deluded liberals, takes the opportunity to blame president Trump for natural disasters. Jimenez has, at best average intelligence, but writes as though he is a peer of our great leader.

      Jose erroneously states Trump used phrase “alternative facts” when it was his advisor Conway. You lose your credibility when you can’t get your “facts” straight taco britches. I liked you better when you were whining and sniveling about getting ripped off on eggs.

      How much of your paltry income have you sent to Puerto Rico?

      1. Dear Mr Jimenez,
        You state voting is a precious privilege. I cast my right and privilege to vote for Donald Trump. Your constant criticism of trump is two faced. Your entitlement party LOST.

        The millions of DACA children are here illegally which you never acknowledge. They are in front of legal citizens in emergency rooms and doctors offices all across the country!

        Be more responsible and honest about your reportage or risk losing your column for distorting the truth!


      2. Thanks to Jose Mike Jimenez for helping my close friends kid through CASA. My friend was hopeless drug addict and could not take care of kid and Jimenez stepped in and provided much needed paternal support!

        Now if Mike would kindly put his money where his mouth is and buy 18 dozen eggs at 59 cents a dozen from that wholesale place across from Burrito Express! That would be a little over ten dollars ,Jose , for the starving people in Puerto Rico.

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